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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Lightweight100% agree


Bring it Back

Don't know why they discontinued this model. Much better overall than the new ones.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dcba31.2014


Easy handling, produce excellent videos, technical support readily availabl

I needed a small camcorder to record my summer vacation with my grandchildren at Disney World. This Sony HDR-XR200v size, weight and features more than meets all of my present and future needs.
r>My likes :

1. The 3 second smooth slow motion feature
2. The zoom 15x,30x or 180x(quality is lower)the original size
3. Takes photo automatically when subject smiles.
4. The ease in creating A DVD or Blu-Ray disc.
5. The built-in GPS records automatically your location
6. Two recording media, the internal 120GB hard drive or optional Memory Stick.

My dislike:
1. Only able to record 3 seconds in slow motion.
2. Battery recording time is less than expected

If given an opportunity, I would not hesitation purchase it again.Read full review...


Small HD camera to use in one hand, anywhere, any time without limitation!

It has a very good picture quality in true HD. Big memory space for a week vacation.
EASY switch really help for every age.
Still picture also in very good size for email too. It can store in DUO memory stick for quick download to PC.Read full review...


Great HD camcorder

Records great HD videos. Compact size with plenty of internal storage. Camcorder has a night shot feature for low light situations and a GPS that tags location of videos. Software could be a little more user friendly, but it is not impossible to work with. Most videos will require dual layer disc to burn to due to size of video files. A great camcorder for the price.Read full review...


Sony HDRXR200V

I bought this cam after a bid research. Well this seems a good fit for my needs. The quality is excellent. It is very easy to use. After more exploring I came to know about the smile face feature. It is so cool. It has both HD and SD recording. And the 4.x MP camera is also awsome. All in all it is worth spending your buck on this cam.

There are few cons to this cam. The software that is provided with this cam is clumsy. I was not able to find where it stored the SD movies. And also the slow motion shooting. It is just a extra function. I did not like it. It records only a few seconds of movie. Also the battery life. If you are taking HD movies you need an extra battery. The format in which it stores the HD movies is confusing. I need to find a software that converts the m2ts version to mpeg or some readable format. The GPS function is cool but what use is it if non of the other softwares understand. We cannot install Sony software on all the laptops/computers we use.

Well all in all, for a newbie this cam is too much. It has too many functions.
For a above basic user this cam will be perfect.

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Sony Handicam HDR-XR200V

Decent capacity HD (120GB) with flash memory albeit Sony is stuck on memory stick technology instead of following the rest of the world with SD. I think a compromise solution is out there when the price of solid state disk comes down - or perhaps a camera with dual flash writers instead. As flash memory capacity grows and prices come down it will be hard to justify having a spinning disk in a camera. Less moving parts means less to break. Camera-wise, it won't ever challenge a serious HD camera, but it beats all lower-resolution cameras hands down. The 4mp still capability is handy and true 15x optical zoom beats digital zoom. Ease of use is great with touch screen, but the touch should be more sensitive, adjustable, and have bigger buttons for us with big fingers.Read full review...


Great Camcorder for Outdoors!

I bought the Sony Handycam HDR-XR200V for a trip that I am taking to Japan. Since it has such a large HDD capacity it will make it ideal for traveling. When I used this product the picture was sharp and clear when under bright light. However the picture became grainy and pixelated when under low light conditions. If you plan on using this model mostly in doors you might want to consider another product that does better under low light. Outdoors the picture was great, and the Geotagging feature was cool too. Over all this product seems like it will hold up nicely.Read full review...


Perfect cmera for price

This thing is great. the images stability and face finding is awesome. it also has smile detection, takes a picture when someone smiles while you are taking a HD video. And the playback is amazing! I have a 73" tv and it is BLU-ray clear. Then there is the software on the computer. WOW. Best bang for your buck camera on the market. GPS and night shot. more wow.Read full review...


Sony HD camcorder

I like the camera very much. The positive features are its small size and portability, the battery life, the 120 gbyte hard drive, the picture is remarkable when played back on a HD television.
The only negative is that the picture is very hard to see on the viewer when a bright sun is out.
I give this camera a 9.8 of 10.
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Great Handycam

The camera works great and produces excelent quality video and still pictures. The software that comes with the camera handles all functions that you will need to manage your video including the date, GPS (location shot), e-mailing, and producing a DVD. All of the video has been great, shot indoors or outside.Read full review...

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