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Sony Dig8 camera

The camera did what I wanted it to do, that is, migrate my Dig 8 videos onto my computer. I wish the image quality was a little better, but it's an old camera, old technology, but it did the trick. Not bad for the price! Thanks.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: pixelecreturns


Sony Digital 8 mm Videotape Handycam!!!!

This is a very nice unit..... i purchased this unit to use in my Videotape to Dvd transfer business. I discovered for the first time in several years that some tapes brought to me by customers when played looked as though they were bad when being played on my Hi 8 sony handycam. What i discovered with one customer was that the tapes themselves were not bad, but rather recorded in Digitial 8 format which when played on a Standard Hi 8 handycam would in fact not play. Digital 8 camera's record in a different format from those recorded on a Hi 8 camera.

I did not know that and many others did not know that as well. Since making this discovery i can offer my customers digital 8 transfers and have purchased several digital 8 camcorders for making those transfers.

I still remains a fact even today that the best sony handycam is the HI 8 XR series such as the CCD-TRV65, CCD-TRV-66 series....these cameras are the XR HI 8 Stereo series cameras.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: aesarca


They don't make them like they used to... CCD vs CMOS sensors. Read more!!!

Most modern digital dslrs or video cameras have CMOS sensors which allows for more megapixels but at a cost... rolling shutter is the biggest payoff and it's horrible for anything handheld which is why this is one of the last generation of handheld cameras that can be stabilized in post with no rolling shutter.

Oh yeah, I usually don't even stabilize it in post because the in camera optical stabilization is pretty good.
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Very good Digital8 camcorder.

This Digital8 camcorder works well for transfering old Digial8 video to a PC for archiving or editing.For recording new video it has the advantage of having a VF for more precise shooting than using the LCD Screen. Another nice feature is the battery pack for using AA batteries as a back-up power source. Its size and weight takes a while to get comfortable with as compared to newer models. I would buy this product if I preferred using Digital8 format.Read full review...



The Sony DCR-TRV140 is an awesome video camera with excellent features for the average movie maker. Although it has somewhat intimidating components, navigating the options is moderate until you become used to what you want from it. Beware of the flashing warnings, one in particular – the C:31:23 which represents a unit malfunction. Sony lists it as moisture build up in their manual which can be true, but it is also a standard warning if moisture is not the problem. I had this very same error but without the moisture issue. A common flaw in this perpendicular tape design is a simple roller (inside where the tape goes) can come loose or completely dislodge from its placement pin which causes the error code. In this case you will receive the error code but the only function the unit will allow would be to insert/eject the tape. FIX – find the roller and with needle nose pliers, replace it gently to the pin, (it should already have a 1mm plastic tube inside it – if not get one, cut smaller than the roller and put it inside the roller) snug it in place and your unit should work. This worked for me. Please do not smack your unit with your hand like some web-sites suggest, this will only result in further damage. The Sony DCR-TRV140, with a little TLC it will give you plenty of enjoyment.Read full review...


Sony Handycam is handy enough for me

The sony Handycam works well. For what I purchased the item for, I think that I have a great product. I love how the camera has many feature like Nightshot and a LCD screen! It is very difficult to say that this camera is not worth buying because everything, so far, works great. I highly recomend this camera for any first time user since the handycam is very easy to use!Read full review...


great for D8

I'm a Pro Videographer - so I have used every format of camera made - this one is Not a bad little cam - it's not as nice as say, a TRV-900/950, but for about $150 used, it will give you D8, if you for some reason wanted to use 8mm tape. It's a great cam to take to the beach, cuz if you ruin it, it's not a huge deal - and they are cheap enough in good shape to just get another one - the downside is that D8 is a dead format, and MiniDV is even starting to show it's age now, as more and more newer cams are going tapeless... bottom line, for what it does, and the used market on these, it's a good buy - but it won't be the last camera you'll ever buy... great upgrade from VHS-C maybe, and if you're on a TIGHT budget - if you can spend a bit more though, look at a good used 3 chip miniDV camera...Read full review...


Digital Handycam DCR-TRV140

it's workhorse. Working as a new, no issues whatsoever.I needed to transfer many Digital 8 tapes to DVD and used this camera as a player. It has firewire output so quality is as good as you see on your digital 8 tapes. In case of emergency I can still use it to record pretty high quality videos.Read full review...


Best camera in my world

I have a sony handycam DCR TRV140.It is very user friendly and easy to handle.Ilike this camera because it gives me best picture quality.It can turn in to record mode instantly.And the othr thing is,it has lot of accessories for low prizes.Because of all these advantages,I recommend the camera to buy
if it is on the buget.
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Sony DCR - TRV140 Digital 8 camcorder

I bought the used Sony DCR - TRV140 Digital 8 camcorder everything works PERFECTLY...looks brand new, MINT CONDITION SONY DCR TRV140 Digital 8 camcorder with Multicompartment Bag, Remote, New Battery, Belkin FIRE WIRE Cable, Charger, 2 Fuji HI-8 Tapes included.Read full review...

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