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The Class of Sony in a new Device

If you are a Sony fan and don't mind what others reviews say about it but always you make YOUR OWN REVIEW ,I will say:
If want a camera that its advanced in all aspects chose Satio.
If you want a phone that also has every single feature you wish to get in a handheld device,but never get it before chose,Satio.
If you are a Sony fan,that you know nothing in this technological world its perfect,but wish something different than the usual,then you can chose SATIO.
In short words this device is the best camera featuring phone,NO you don't gonna find the velocity of a computer,not even the resolution of nothing else that its not called a PHONE,but its worth the try,done with pros...
Now the cons,
This is different so if you are familiar with another thing, well be prepared for change, the wifi its a bit slow,no like iphone,but iphone its not even a good camera,so then you must try your own,
You wish to have a normal headphone hook, but this is bot the case,conector its bulky,not much....but if you are a picky person,then...
Ahh and last,This is like gold in your hands, bad guys always aware of it....

Extremely good device if you are a person want try something different this is the phone-camera -gps-video player-radio-game console-Internet browser.....i will say this IS THE MATCHMAKER.

W D'aries.
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Good phone if not planning to go with an Android or iphone anytime soon.

Not very impressed with sony products. It is a little hard to get used to if you've used iPhone or Android base phones before. The interface is a somewhat clunky and slow. I had an Xperia X10 and although it was a newer phone it also performed slow, but good voice and camera quality.Read full review...


Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou) (Unlocked)

There are things you have to be aware of when buying this phone. You can not get technical support if you are outside of Europe and Asia for this product. This product is comparable to the iPhone:
Sony Ericsson Satio Apple iPhone 3G S
ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz w/ 3D accel 600mhz w/ 3D accel

16:9, 3.5 inch 16m color LCD touchscreen 3.5 inch 16m color LCD w/ multitouchscreen and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

.Screen Res.
640x360; 210 ppi 480x320; 163 ppi

256mb 256mb

.Battery Life (3G)
Unknown, I assume 5 hours talk, 350+ hours standby* 5 hours talk, 300 hours standby

.Battery Life (2G)
Unknown, I assume 13 hours talk, 380+ hours standby* 12 hours talk, 300 hours standby

.Operating System
S60 5th edition Symbian OS OS X Mobile

802.11b/g, tethering 802.11b/g, limited tethering

.Cell Frequencies
UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

.Storage Comes with 8GB MicroSD card 16gb, 32gb

.Memory Card MicroSD None

.Camera (mp) 12.1 Megapixel 3 Megapixel

.Camera (zoom) 12x digital, auto focus, touch focus None, auto focus, touch focus

.Camera (other) 2 cameras, Xenon Flash, face detection, image stailization, red-eye reduction, smile detection, geo-tagging 1 camera, Geo-tagging, (various features added by 3rd party apps, such as photo filters)

.Battery Removeable Non-removeable

Bluetooth 2.? + EDR. Stereo A2DP Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Stereo A2DP

GPS, Turn by turn navi, Google Maps GPS, Compass, Turn by turn navi, hundreds of apps for navigation including TomTom

Email, Exchange ActiveSync, can view all Office attachments Email, Exchange ActiveSync, can view all Office attachments

.USB Proprietary USB Connection Proprietary USB Connection

.FM Radio FM radio with RDS None

The SATIO is a great product. I am very pleased with it. The phone is best when the software is debranded which means the software is that of the manufacturer without the add ons of a cellular service provider. Sony's download service for media, PlayNow needs to be available worldwide much like iTunes for apple so that users can add applications and music. This is a separate issue from the phone but is one that affects the phone since there are no other safe sources other than the PlayNow site from which to get applications, movies, and music for the SATIO. The RoadSync application only works with Gmail because it only works with exchange servers which a free gmail account supports unless you get a paid yahoo and hotmail account. If you set up your email account and you have hotmail then you should do the following for your OUTGOING MAIL SERVER:
Password - it should be same as for incoming mail
Outgoing mail server smtp.live.com
Access point as you wish - mine is always ask
Security ports should be StartTLS
Port - make sure it is 25 or 587(submission port)
Some users have reported that it only works if you use Port 587 for outbound. This depends on whether or not not ISP is port blocking or not. I suggest you try 25 and if you still cannot send emails via hotmail, then change to 587.
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The good phone

I #8;ought this phone, because it is very easy to use and it has all the
ight option for me. I really liked the design of this phone and the quality of the materials from which it is made, very comfortable grip. The only disadvantage of this phone, is something that quickly gets battery.Read full review...


Awesome phone/camera

I love the 12 Megapixel Camera this phone has, takes amazing photos, the aesthetics of this phone are superb. The widescreen this phone has is phenomenal for watching videos. Sound is really good in this phone. Pretty simple to get used tu. The only downfall is how expensive it is but if you have the means I highly recommend.Read full review...


phone just super

Satio ... this phone ... it's something ... the phone just super! It made me almost every day and in marble, and from the second floor several times fell into the water several times obranila even poured hot tea on the phone! But with this phone nothing happened, he like new phone just super, I recommend you all to buy!
phone is not bad ... certainly not as a sensor to conclude that the background ... for those who like to photograph most it. I think 12.1MP speak for themselves ... when I took him he was so unique. and species is not bad ...
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sonyericsson satio

this is a wonderful phone. it includes a hd camera, easy use functions. and it also desighn a useful typing function as i-phone. this is all in one cellphone.


cell phone was ok because it has wearing signs

i decided to buy this phone because of it's features plus it looks good. but when i received it and opened the box the phone looked little old because it had wearing signs. it wasnt good as new. now the camera turns on by itself and phone becomes unlocked by itself. it seems like the phone has malfunction problem.Read full review...


Sony Ericsson Unlocked Cellphone

I decided to buy this cellphone because I had a really good experience with this brand before, after that I like, trust and rely on their cellphones. What I liked, was that it was a good option for a good price and what I did not like was that the cellphone looks more fragile physicaly than in pictures. I am going to have to handle it carefully, other than that is a good cellphone.Read full review...


very god cell phone!

is beautyful, amazing camera ;)
Support for very good, the quality of pictures at a rate of 0-10 I give 9, just because in the dark, the pictures often come out with red eyes but never mind lol!>Design: 10
Camera: 9.5
applications and games: 10
Connectivity 10Read full review...

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