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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


Best deal of the year

This is an excellent Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera that is ready to go with a SIM card and slide, two batteries and a charger as well as a camera case and storage. Amazing deal and the pictures are excellent.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sweisbrod


Don't Delay, Go Cyber 55W. Well worth the experience

I have previously owned this model before ( stolen). Used it for my business ( construction ), and missed using it for it's light weight and especially for it's picture quality. For the price, you are not able to purchase a camera of this quality anywhere, at least that is my experience. I would recommend this model to anyone that would like to have easy access, ease of use, great picture quality and most of all low cost. Actually i have just purchased another Sony DSC-W55 for my wife. She has a different camera which has a terrible shutter delay and the camera misses the picture you want taken. You will not have this problem with this model. I had to purchase another for reasons being my wife always had mine. I have been able to find accessaries for this camera, so it is not out of date, you are able to purchase batteries, cases, memory cards, etc.
I have even taken a picture of a long travel dune buggy, which it was traveling on the freeway, and the picture came out great. Along with landscape pictures as i was moving along in the automobile. Don't get me wrong, it is not the best camera out there, but you will pay a heck of a lot more for not that much better of picture. Especially with this model having the Carl Zeiss lens.
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Back to Better

My girlfriend had this camera originally, but dropped and broke it. When she bought the newer version, she was disappointed with how dificult it was to use. Getting to the proper fucntion and lighting settings provolked her to lose the shot or get a poor quality picture. After months of frustration, she re-purchased this model, and all is great again. The DSC-W55 camera is so easy to use. All funtions are on a "dial" so you don't have to scroll through button promps to get where you want to go with the type of picture setting you desire, this is important when you are trying to capture a moment of a sunset for example. The zoom is at the tip of your finger allowing you to get the ideal shot while looking at your target. Simply put, this camera takes great pictures, not only because of the quality of the camera, but because it is simple and easy to use, allowing you to get the shot you want, with the proper lighting and zoom. This is a great product that has NOT been over "tech-ni-fied."Read full review...


One of Sonys better digital cameras ever

This was the 1st digital camera I purchased after lugging around a Cannon AE-1 for many years and I have to say I've had this camera for a few years and believe it or not I've taken over 20 thousand pictures ( my passion and hobby ) had it not been for it falling in a puddle of fruit juice i'd probably be taking lots more. oh the wear and tear is very visible on my original w55. when it got damaged i had to go out and i actually purchased the newer version of the cybershot w series the new 16.2 mexapixel wx9 ( and you dont really need that much megapixels unless you're planning on printing large poster size photos and sad to say although its thinner and has a bigger screen and larger megapixel it doesn't compare to the w55. i'm so glad to have found it here on ebay and for a fraction of the price. the picture quality on the sony[s] are awesome and well if i managed to take more than 20 thousand pictures. that says a lot about what I think and have enjoyed with this camera... woohoo to sony. too bad they dont live up to the wx9 . i might just sell it here on ebayRead full review...


We sell electronic products

We sell electronic products
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Nice compact digital camera; longer lens would be nice

This is my 4th Sony Cybershot digital camera. I bought this one as a replacement for the same model which was stolen. Great deal when bought used. LIKES: 7.2 megapixels is more than enough for the casual photographer. Records audio with video up to 640x480. Simple layout makes it easy to make adjustments. Fully charged Li-Ion battery lasts a long time! DISLIKES: No pre-set for action shots. Flash takes a bit longer to charge than I like. 3X zoom is not really long enough. Adding digital zoom comporomises pictures, but it does a decent job.Read full review...


Awesome Product with a name you can trust

I love the sony dsc w55 because it not only has a 7.2 mega pixels but it is also highly sensitivity with ISO 1000, a 2.5 LCD monitor and other functions such as handling and flash. If you also have a problem you do not have to return the product you can just contact customer support. The number is located right on the front of the box, as you open it. (that is only if the digital camera is not working properly) Also this cybershot comes with a registration information and accessories manual which shows you how you can add other products to you camera. It comes with a manual guide that tells you more in detail about your product, and a limited warranty instruction comes along with the item also. I love the disk that is attached in the box, as well as the usb cable and charger for the battery which you only have to charge not constantly purchased batteries all the time. (environmental friendly) a case comes with this package that is so cute and a cloth (for wiping the cybershot camera) Yep so far I have not had a problem with this particular product. And hopefully I will never.Read full review...


Sony Cybershot DSC-W55

I love this camera. I use it almost every day for taking pictures of items I sell on eBay. It shoots very clear pictures. And the lithium ion battery holds a charge for quite a long time before you have to recharge it. I bought it off eBay for $30.00 and I must say that this was one heck of a deal! The big 2.5" lcd screen is just the right size. I realize there are newer and slimmer, fancier digital cameras out there with bigger lcd screens higher megapixels, higher zooms, etc, but for what I use this camera for, it's perfect. I plan on using it for family get functions, vacations, parties, and such. It makes me feel really good to find great deals and this is at the top of the list. I would recomend this to anyone out there and I'd encourage you to try to find a good deal like I did. XavierRead full review...


Why the SONY DSC-W55 is the Digital Camera I Love.

This camera combines reasonably decent shutter speed with all the pixels I can possibly see in a very small easily transportable package with very simple control mechanisms. The screen is bright and large, the lens is a Zeiss, the flash works just fine. The software is both readily accessible and relatively intuitive. Battery life is good and with a memory card it will keep taking pictures until your finger goes numb.
Simply a great, simple, excellent little camera.
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Love Sony Cyber-shots! This is my 4th

My first Sony used 3.5" discs -- great camera for the time. My next cost me about $500.00 and I loved it! Bought my first Sony DSC-W55 for about $200.00 and have used it everyday for 3 years -- bought this one so that I can use both everyday -- I keep one set for e-mail type photos and the other for higher resolution photos. Highly recommend this camera -- they work everyday and can take lots of abuse (although I would not recommend that) and check out e-bays camera batteries too -- can save you a bundle!! I am sold on Sony camera products and will probably continue to buy them due the their durability and value.Read full review...

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