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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality88% agree

Well designed100% agree


Great product for the price

It's easy to use i'm enjoying this product great to take on trips easy to setup no problem what so ever.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: quickshipelectr...


Wow, that's allot of apps.

Really like this device, plays movies well. After it upgraded I had to unplug it during an auto read of a Blu ray as it froze(ironically it was the movie frozen), but functions perfectly now. Really satisfied with this player, if I could change one would like the option of adding a 802.11 dongle. I will buy a network extender though, no worries there! All and all, great value!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: preownedtech


The BDP-BX1 Blu Ray player is one terrific player.

I have too many Blu Ray DVD players, a BDP-BX1 as well as the BDP-BX18 I just got on eBay. The BDP-BX1 has capabilities I'll never use: it even has a NetFlix button on its remote. But for simply DVD playback into a TV set (I use a VCR tuner, but same idea), it's superb. Not on Blu Ray discs: I don't have any. Just on plain old DVD's. I"m very glad I got it, and will make it my main DVD player from now on.Read full review...


Without you "FSOG" would never be in my bedroom.:)

Actually, I only purchased this to watch my "Fifty Shades of Grey" unrated version. It was well worth it. The player was easy to install. Within 15 minutes we were ready to go. Only thing I wish I had was a manual. There's a lot of buttons on the remote and I have no idea what they are for. Going to buy one next month for our living room. Highly recommended.....Read full review...


Solid blu ray player with great features and beautiful style and picture

Great style, Great features, great picture. To date it has been working wonderfully, the picture is a beautiful true 1080p picture and Pure Blu ray quality. The Remote is a little small but has all the great features on it. The unit itself is a well designed sony product and a very small size with all the full blu ray features you would need. Being an older blu ray model if you want the internet options like netflix you would have to hard wire it with an Ethernet connection located on the back of the unit. Also being an older model blu ray it does take about 2 mins to load the dvd. But for the price it is well worth to me as I do enjoy it.Read full review...


Awesome player! Easy to use and has internet updates!

Awesome player! Easy to use and has internet updates! Remote is not as good as others I have used as the range is very limited but the onboard item features are great and the interface using HDMI is easy and very user friendly as far as the Internet is involved.Read full review...


Great value for the price, buy slightly used or refurbished for best value!

This particular Blu-Ray player caught our eye because it came with Netlfix, Hulu, Pandora, and tons more but we have subscriptions to all three and found it difficult to find players that come standard with all three. According to other reviews perhaps a pitfall of this particular DVD player is that is does have some lag time/loading time delays but if you have any patience at all it is no big deal. We bought ours barely used and got it for $30. So, I would have to say even though it is an older model, $30 for a SONY Blu-Ray player is alright with us! Overall, the player does not have a bunch of bells and whistles so it is very appealing to those seeking a basic, standard Blu-Ray player. Also, extremely easy to use and set-up! We would give it an overall score of A- and for the price we think it's a pretty good value! :)Read full review...


Works welll. Simple, straightforwad operation, Ease of setting up. Takedown

Product is fine; easy to use, simple, quick to set up, easy menu, One failure is constant 16.9 is not equivalent to actual size. It is artificially compressed. Could have been worse if watching Ben-Hur at a larger aspect ratio. It would be seen in it's entirety, but 'compressed and not expanded to normal extension across the screen. This involves top-to-bottom expansion of the ratio.

Outside of that; crips, clear view and exceptional sound quality. No control over screen size, or particulars. Sound device, but no entirely flexible to size, I.e., 1:85 or 2:35, or 2:39 are all the same screen size. No alteration capapble. Good, but not good enough.
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Great Blu-Ray DVD, Streaming player.

Great Blu-Ray player. I wanted a wired connection for streaming Netflix, Hulu Plus and many others. Setup is done in just a few minutes with ease. The Sony interface is easy to use and our 12 year old has no problem operating it. This unit is very small, the dimensions of a notebook except about 2.5 inches tall. The DVD works great also and the remote is also very easy to use.Read full review...


Best DVD player I have owned so far!

This is a good product. It plays mp3 files and connects to my router. I am able to view Youtube videos from the sony player! I am really impressed with that feature. If needed you can connect to Hulu, Sony,netflix, pandora and crackle. The Blu Ray Player is easy to use and really very effective for the price! Very, very Good Product.I thought the Philips DVD player was the best, but I think this is slightly better!Read full review...

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