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Awesome romantic comedy with genuine heartfelt experiences.

I love Jack Nicholson and this movie just reinforces that view. A very funny adult comedy about a playboy, Harry Sanborn played by Jack Nicholson and the mother of one of his under 30 expoits, Erica Berry played by Diane Keaton. Unsuspectingly meeting at Eric Berry's, beach house, Harry, while fooling around with Marin, Erica's daughter, has a heart attack and Erica provides CPR trained mouth-to-mouth resusitation to a flinching but helpless to resist Harry. Post trauma, Erica finds herself burdened with caring for Harry, he has sent the nurse packing, and Harry and Erica get to know one another. Old habits are hard to overcome and Harry hesistates about his feelings for Erica, crushing Erica and simultaneously providing enriching playwright foder. The plot thickens when Erica, who is a very well known New York playwright, meets Harry's cardiologist, Keanu Reeves, and Keanu Reeves starts pursuing Erica. If you like "Is this as good as it gets?" also with Jack Nicholson, you will love this.Read full review...


Something's Gotta Give

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are charming in this humorous love story about two intelligent, if not totally romantically centered, members of the middle-age set (toward the older end of the range).

Diana Keaton has never been better. This was finally her perfect role. Jack Nicholson was cast in a part that could have been written especially for him. Erica Barry (Keaton) a successful middle-aged playwright who has emotionally and sexually closed herself off after divorcing her husband of 22 years (Paul Michael Glaser, still looking pretty good himself), meets the older man in her young daughter Marin's (Amanda Peet) life. This meeting marked by sudden, unexpected attack of the heart exposes her to successful entrepreneur and playboy Harry Sanborn (Nicholson). Sanborn has 'played at life' all of his 63 years before finally starting to get down to 'living his life' after facing the reality that he might have come close to the end of his life. Proving it never rains but it pours, Barry unexpectedly simultaneously claims the attention of Sanborn's young doctor (Keanu Reeves), some 20 years her junior, who finds her beauty and intelligence magnetically attractive.

During a real rain storm, the genuine romance of the film begins to bloom. The charm of the movie is in looking on as two emotionally-challenged characters experience love, perhaps for the very first time, with all its pitfalls, peaks, comical and embarrassing moments, and the magic, tender, endearing episodes that make true love the roller coaster it always is.

Keaton beautifully handles the over-the-top emotions of falling in love, portraying the highs and the lows, with equal brilliance. Nicholson, who as always portrays every mental spark that is a thought and every feeling that is an emotion on that amazing face; always a portrait in motion that can be as easily read as words on a page.

There are a lot of laughs in this movie and there are a lot of truths in the tale. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson are a terrfic pair in this movie!
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Don't watch this film with a critical eye; just enjoy it.

Jack Nicholson plays his usual sort of character, and Diane Keaton plays her usual sort of character. Keanu Reeves is his usual forgettable but good-looking self, playing a character who lacks any believability. It's a feel-good film that is fine enough to watch unless you start to get critical about the whole premise, in which case it falls apart VERY quickly. So, don't get critical about it; watch these characters do their thing the way they know best, have a beer or a glass of wine, relax, and just enjoy the film. I doubt you'll learn much about yourself or about human nature from watching this film, but it has its clever lines and you won't regret the time spent.Read full review...


Funny story and very good acting.

It is a modern good story well writing. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson acting were very good and very funny.

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So funny and romantic, recommend it to all :)

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A nice chick flick with frontal nude shot of Diane Keaton

A chick flick designed to teach wealthy old men that they should date and marry older women instead of younger babes. Engaging story, nice dialogue, great frontal nude of Diane, and (almost) everyone lives happily ever after.Read full review...


Somthings got to give

A story of peoples search of feelings of happieness and satifaction within there lives.Unlikly situations that happen to different people as they go foward in there everyday lives.Great cast,great banter as the unlikely group find what they most truly seek in there lives.Great locations and a barometer of feeling for all involved.Some adult theme so maybe not for the kids...Great rainy day get cozy movie...EnjoyRead full review...


Jack and Diane are great together!!!

Older woman and younger man....and who couldn't like Diane Keaton as their older girlfriend!! Keanu Reeves plays a doctor very smitten with her...a cute twist on the story since Diane's daughter is involved with Jack Nicholson...just the opposite from her mom and the doctor! When Keanu and Diane become a couple..he shows a very romantic side which has eluded her for many years. Then Jack comes into her life..more than she expected..but he hurts her and she moves on. He is very committed at being non-committed. She wants more than just a quick one-week interlude. Their coming together during a storm is very funny indeed...especially her taking his blood pressure! He realizes that he made a huge mistake in letting her go....but can he win her back from Keanu?? It is a very funny and entertaining that you will enjoy ..over and over!!Read full review...


Something's gotta give

A swinger on the cusp of being a senior citizen with a taste for young women falls in love with an accomplished woman closer to his age. I liked the dialogues, great performances. While the story may not be the most original of all -- serial dater finds the perfect woman as a headstrong woman close to his age but loses her to his dating habits, then realizes he really does care for her after all -- is really a variation of boy-meets girl, loses girl, regains girl: with the exception that this time around, the boy is Jack Nicholson, the girl is Diane Keaton, and neither are under 55.Read full review...


Something"s got to give

Great light- hearted movie. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton at their best.
I would reccomend this to any one who loves Jack Nicholsons humor and devilish smile. Diane Keaton gets better and better with age and proves old actresses never die, they just get better parts.Read full review...

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