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Mediocre buddy movie...

that is highlighted by the solid performances of its stars. I especially enjoyed the performances of Jackie Gleason and Tuesday Weld, who all but stole the picture with her portrayal of a hyperactive, submoron teenager. Steve McQeeen adds his usual star power in this cute, funny service comedy that partly went under the radar in 1963 because it was released the same week as the Kennedy assassination. But, I do recommend this film.Read full review...

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steve mcqueen old movie soldier in the rain

Jackie Gleason was ''the great one'' in this movie .steve was the side kick ,but if you get the chance read his biography. I will watch this movie again ,it's that good. It's lot like the real ARMY . my next watch is ''the honeymooners' ' . To the moon Alice !! ha haRead full review...

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Well made movie. Fun to watch with a touches of reality to.......

Well made movie. Fun to watch with touches of reality to keep it real. Was a hard to find flick, but got it and enjoyed watching it a few times with friends and family. Black and white movie, but nothing lost that color would have made better. The main actors looked like they had fun making this movie. Probably an adult movie due to the quick moving story line.Read full review...


Great Film!

A truly great film with two wonderful actors!

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I fun movie with Gleason, McQueen and Tuesday Weld.

Super movie with Gleason and McQueen. It is a sleeper, but it has a following and I'm for sure one of it's biggest fans.

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