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Good value100% agree

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Brings back memories

I've not seen this movie since I was a kid.. We had it on a laser disc player.. To finally find it and watch my kids laugh as much as I did was awesome!! The picture quality is great and the sound was also!! Thank you!Read full review...

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One of Woody's best

Can't say enough about how funny this movie is, there are so many great scenes it's hard to pick a favorite! Do yourself a favor and get this one.

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Reviewed Woody Allen's Sleeper DVD circa 1973

When this movie hit theaters, I laughed my butt off!!! Future world said all the food and things were bad for us, were embraced as good for your health. Watch scenes on the orb, orgasmatron, and his robot impression. Lot of dry humor Allenesque...easy to overlook. Diane Keaton was funny....It is kind of a B movie with the cheap special effects, but they are so corny, you just have to laugh. Although years later, I am now in my fifties, seems to have lost its humor a bit. Not sure if the material is dated, but if you like classic Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, this is perfect, almost silly, but will make you laugh nonetheless.Read full review...


Hilariously Funny...Futuristic Woody Allen style

I first saw this movie in the theatre back in the 70s and I laughed so much and surprisingly, I still found myself laughing 30+ years later. Woody Allen, (Miles), entered the hospital to have routine gallbladder surgery but an unexplained complication arose, which the surgeons decided the only solution was to use cryogenics until they can find a cure. Thus, it took 200 years...must've been quite a complication??
Funny thing is when they prepared him for the big freeze, they wrapped him in plain household tinfoil, still wearing his black eye glasses. In a few of the futuristic scenes, I loved the "Orb" and the "Orgasmatron", something only Woody Allen and his daily obsessions for a high and orgasms would think of putting in the script as items to look for (or hope for) 200 years into the future!
When he is awakened by a team of future scientists, and once they've unrolled the kitchen tinfoil from him, does it become apparent that this act was illegal and "Miles", is now considered an "Illegal" and the team must try to get him out of the science building since futuristic security forces are now onto their scheme. They hide him out in a futuristic looking house surrounded by nothing but land, and explain to Miles that everyone he has known is now dead and that 200 years have gone by. Of course dinner is served by a hilarious, smart mouthed "Gay butler robot" wearing a frilly apron. Security has located the two scientists and Miles. The security force have entered the house while the butler announces they have guests, which is much too late to save themselves. They tell Miles that he must run and find the "Aries Project" which is an underground group trying to overthrow the current dictator. Woody Allen attempts to get out of this house while the security takes the two scientists to be reprogrammed,
the scene shows Woody Allen dangling on a window ledge of the upper level of the house with a small ladder in his hand...too funny, the ladder is too small and serves no purpose, plus we don't know where it came from! He ends up just falling onto the ground unhurt, while attempting to figure out how to use a jet pack that was "Parked" in the lot. He does finally get away and now while searching for the "Aries Project" he meets Mia Farrow while he is hiding out by dressing as a robot. A robot that she ordered, he is escorted to her house by two factory workers, still wearing his black glasses of course. And she isn't happy with his look. She's having a party tonight so she said she'll keep him for now and will have his head removed for another, more attractive one the next day. Woody Allen of course isn't happy at the thought of his head being removed at the Robot factory.
The zany, wild things that go on in this movie is a must see. I was happy to see they have now released in in DVD form. I had it in the VHS format for years but it stopped working. Great classic Woody Allen movie. Buy it, it is worth the fun. I bought it used on eBay and it works great.
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Hilarious Look at the Future

Having seen this movie when it first came out, I had many times to recall some amusing bit from this film ("I've beaten a man insensible with a strawberry!"). This is from the era before Woody Allen went all social, and stuck with comedy. It still stands out as an humourous look at the future.Read full review...


SLEEPER is no Sleeper

I have enjoyed this movie since I first saw it at the movie theatre in 1973. It is a Woody Allen romp with (dating at the time) Diane Keaton where he is put in suspended animation in 1973 and awakes in the future where everything thing that thought was bad for you is good, and the government is evil. There are a lot of silly jokes and references and all sorts of modern gadgets and even an old Volkswagon that still works after 100 yrs! Great jazz music to keep the pace of the film.I recommend it!Read full review...



Although reputedly inspired by the H.G. Well's short story, "The Sleeper," this movie reminds me of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World." I thought Woody's analysis of modern relationships was spot on. Maybe this is our future: relationships with sex but neither love nor commitment, and eventually a machine called "The Orgasmatron" that will be a substitute for sexual relations. A great spoof on the up and coming negative utopia.Read full review...



One of Woody's best. It is has been ages but Woody should take a step backwards and write a silly movie again. It could be his retro Woody Allen movie. Or maybe he could just make a film about a subject he is more familar with. Seducing an adopt child of your wife.

Mia Farrow
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My favorite comedy!

This movie will put me in a good mood any time I watch it. I start laughing within 10 minutes. Each time I view it I find another subtle nuance that I hadn't seen/heard before. The whole movie probably cost $500.00 to make, but that just adds to its appeal. I've never seen so much cardboard on a set!Read full review...


Great Sci Fi Movie - The future in 2173

We actually enjoyed this Sci Fi movie by Woody Allen. It's about this guy, Miles, who is accidentally frozen after he has had minor surgery. It could happen! After 200 years, Miles is released into the new world in the year 2173. You will laugh during this movie, especially if you enjoy slapstick comedy.Read full review...

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