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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


christmas dvd

Its a good product

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: quality_treasures


Old, but very cute

Great for young ones!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: entertainmentva...


Not a good Disney Movie!

Got this for my kids to get them in the Christmas mood, but it was a waste. Like the fact that they go through popular Christmas songs that kids should know, and that the words are displayed at the bottom of the screen in a sing-a-long so they can follow along. And the scenes are taken from popular Disney classics so kids can watch the clips along with the music video. BUT the whole set-up of this DVD is very cheesy, not executed very well. They constantly show images of a model christmas village, and I often forgot i was watching a Disney DVD! I think if it were all cartoon it would be more enjoyable. Just thought this was boring, and my kids actually asked me to turn it off because of that! Waste of money personally!Read full review...


Love it

Great quality


Disney's Very Merry Christmas Songs

This DVD mostly base on the old VHS Video : Disney's Very Merry Christmas Songs 1994. Only one song were remake , " Parade of The Wooden Soldier". I still have my VHS but VHS is easy to broken. Now I have DVD. Thanks Disney!Read full review...


Me and my kids love it!!!!

I use to have this sing along when Iwas young and I loved it. And my children are also in love with this sing along dvd. Any child who loves the disney characters and singing would love this.


Sing-Along Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs (2006, DVD

I had this in VHS but it was getting worn out & snowy. I was happy to see in DVD. This is the ONLY tape my grandson (8 months)likes to watch before he takes a nap. It helps him fall asleep. Its mellow and relaxing, also very colorful. The bad thing is we have to listen to it all year, almost every day. Merry Christmas!Read full review...


great service

Recived on time and my son loved the movie. It was fun watching it, reminded me of my childhood....This dvd played during all my christmast events and the kids really seemedto enjoy the movie and sing along with it.Read full review...


Fast del thx

Awesome A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great service
Grandson loves it merry christmas ,


Christmas DVD

I am so glad I found this DVD. We used to have the VHS of this as well, and it was getting old and I think we finally lost it. Anyways, it was a tradition for our family to watch this EVERY year, and we didn't have a copy of it this year. I'm fortunate to find this.Read full review...

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