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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Lightweight100% agree


Sharp Viewcam VL-A10U

By far the easiest Hi8 recorder I have ever used because of the extra large view screen. My last recorder you had to look through the eye piece and for long recordings such as weddings, birthdays, etc., this became very uncomfortable.
Another nice feature is the easy to use buttons with larger than normal text, this makes the camera that much easier to use and to have someone else record a video where you want to be in the recording.
In summary very nice view screen, and very easy to use.
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Great Starter Camcorder...

It's a good starter camcorder, no GREAT features though
beside the swivel screen. Also, the A/V output was awesome!

I bought this to make indie films and it was great, the black
and white feature really helped at times too. The quality of
the camcorder is great too! It's very easy to carry around.

Overall, a great beginner's camcorder. Also good for home
videos and such.
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Excellent Design ,Very Easy To Use , Nice LCD Display

Very well designed unit,simple and easy to use ,long 2 hour recording time.Works well in low light situations and does not require that annoying floodlight that drains your batteries.Controls are simple and intuitive,remote control makes being in the video simple.Transferring the 8mm movie to dvd is easy to do.This a great little unit and once you use the lcd screen you won't miss your old viewfinder at all.Read full review...



I am going to write a review on the Sharp Viewcam. This area is used to write a review on a product, NOT to complain, THAT IS WHAT FEEDBACK IS FOR!!!!! Now that being said, I bought mine about 7 years ago & this camera is so easy and versitile to use. I mostly have used mine for when I go to horse shows. This camera is so rugged, and still takes beautiful footage. I REALLY love the 3" LCD screen, that to me, is the best feature!!!Read full review...


Sharp camcorder

It's ok for sitting around for a while. The power inlet is wore so when I plug it in it and out it is hard to removeit

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this camera will replace the exact same model that i broke. now i can watch old videos that i took in the 90's!!

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