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Finally completed my series collection! I could watch these episodes over & over again! Best series ever!

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Sex and the City Season 6, Part 2 (Series Finale)

For anyone who just loves the whacky and crazy things that happen between single men and women, you'll just love this series. This sixth and final season is filled with emotional scenes that will either make you cry or laugh out loud (or even both at the same time). Also, the questions in the mind of those following the series will finally be answered: Who will Carrie finally end up with? Will Miranda and Steve work everything out? Will Charlotte ever get to have her baby, and will Samantha ever change? Find out for the first time, or collect the last episodes to keep and enjoy time and again. I definetly recomend it to anyone who has enjoyed previous episodes of this series.Read full review...


Was very enjoyable

My wife didn't have the option to see this movie origially. we were able to get the series on dvd and she completely enjoyed every episode. The series is full of comical situations as well as many soul searching moments. Most of the acting was excellent and and the charactors that they play are well performed. The show does have some every day language and some skin, so if that offends you be aware. For most the dialoge is snappy and what the average worker is faced with around the water cooler.Read full review...


Sex and the City:Sixth Season-part 2 (2004, DVD)

This is a must-have for any fan of the very popular HBO Sex and the City series. It is the culmination of all the seasons and brings you full circle to the stories' close. This DVD posseses all the emotion and hope of the series. Fans can finally see their well known "friends" grow and settle into the next phases of their lives. The DVD also contains alternate endings for those fans who enjoy entertaining ideas of "What if?"
I purchased this DVD because I am an avid fan of the show and I thoroughly enjoy revisiting my "friends" from time to time. Anyone who loves this show needs this DVD. This series portrays the many trials and tribulations of life. We all like to know that someone else out there is going through the same issues that we are struggling to resolve. Singles, marrieds, men, women, gay, or straight find your common ground here.
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The girls only leave you wanting more.

I wish they could have had more seasons. I had never even watched the TV show one time while they were on HBO. I saw the movie and really enjoyed it. I asked a friend if the show was like the movie and she said yeah. I now have every season to watch whenever I want. The last dvd has bonus footage with commentary from the writers,directors,designers...It is good as well. You wont be disappointed with the sixth season part one and two.Read full review...


Glad to have all DVD's with my collection

I loved Sex n The City when it was on HBO but I missed the first 2 seasons so I wanted to buy them for myself to watch later & have & couldn't find anywhere with out buying the entire set all at one time for nearly 200.00 but here on e-bay I could buy as I could afford & every one I bought was brand new & unopened & alot cheaper than the price I paid for the first 2 seasons I bought..
Thanks for selling
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Sex and the City: Part 2-Sixth Season

I bought this to complete my set of the series. It was WONDERFUL!!! What can I say? This series was so unique and addictive! This last DVD was gret! The perfect ending! Carrie and Mr. Big (John) were meant to be together from the start. There are so many things I liked about this series, including the great shoes and clothes! There were parts that shocked me, but it was part of the show. Don't watch it if you aren't ready for complete candor! Good writing, good acting, good series. I can't wait for the movie! I highly recommend this series to anyone with an open mind.Read full review...


Great Series

I greatly enjoyed watching the series finale and am glad that I purchased it. I bought this DVD of Sex and the City Season Six Part Two because my local library didn't have a copy and I had watched all of the preceding episodes. I watched my copy of it and then donated it to my local library.Read full review...



I love all the sex and the city episodes i had my husband buy all of them for me and they are great he made sure he ordered them so that i would recieve all 6 seasons in order 2 days apart. now he has to get me the short films of sex and the city lol. highly recommend to all womenRead full review...


Excellent--love the series and this doesn't disappoint

I am a big Sex and the City junkie and needed this to complete my set. Loved the alternate endings section but am glad they picked the feel good Big and Carrie reunion. Have watched this several times since purchasing it and find something new and different everytime!Read full review...

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