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A great way to transfer files between wifi devices anywhere.

I needed a way to share my media between my PC, tablet and android. The GoFlex Satellite has its own access point and battery so it can be carried around anywhere and connect to up to 3 devices at a time. It has internal sensors that will detect free fall and will temporarily shut the drive off before it hits the ground to avoid damaging its integrity. Transferring files is quite easy and can be done directly off the high speed USB 3.0 port, downloaded/uploaded through the browser on any WiFi mobile device or with a free app they have. I'm not sure but I think it can be accessed in windows explorer over WiFi as well. Speed is blazingly fast, especially through the USB 3.0.

Make sure your computer offers USB 3.0. Many 3.0 devices will not work on 2.0 ports. It is not required, but recommended.
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Great product, easy to use, and excellent for long road trips!

This drive is fantastic for providing aural and visual entertainment while you are driving on the road. You can store hundreds of movies with it and thousands of CD's worth of music at the same time. Then your children, relatives, or friends can stream movies and videos to their iPads, iPhones, Laptops, or Android devices (basically anything with a web browser) while you are driving. Of course you could do the same thing at home to. And since it allows pass through internet browsing from your home network, you could listen to music from this drive while surfing the internet on your home wifi at the same time. Easy to use and access, I am very pleased with the product.Read full review...


Awesome product! Great value for the money and well worth it!

I purchased this to use along side my iPad so that I can have access to all my movies and music without using all of my storage. This is a great product and has not disappointed yet. I had other portable drives but none were wireless or accessible via my iPad when needed, this was a great decision and the price was right. Does not fail, perfect on the go and keeps my son busy on the road watching movies.Read full review...


NOPE - read EVERYTHING before you spend your hard earned money!

They make this sound like such a "GREAT" thing, but it is not easy to use, the instructions are very vage and for the money - I give it 1 star. You have to have the RIGHT file type, the RIGHT everything for this to work - so the drag and drop- NOPE. Not impressed at all and was really hoping to use with my iPad so that I have everything with me. You have to convert things before you can use - so more money to buy more software to be able to use an already expensive piece of equipment. I am pretty savvy with these types of projects, but this one is in the drawer until I am ready to tackle it again. VERY FRUSTRATED!Read full review...


What a Brick

I bought this for my Apple Mac Book Pro Laptop computer with the intention of it backing up my computer. The pro's are that it does not take up valuable USB space, until you need to save something which is contrary to why I bought a wireless, The con's is that it ONLY has a 5 hour batter life! To me it just does not back up my system the way I anticipated it would, the whole system on this drive. I am very dissapointed. Right now it is a brick that just lays there! I am back to my plug in Maxtor Hard drive.....No I would not buy this again.......Read full review...


Good experience for a new user

A lot of support materials, including video and text documents, from Seagate website to buyers/users of the product. The related apps are easy to use and cover the basic requirements of users. It took me, a new user, 2 full days to fully set-up and run the product smoothly. Thanks to Seagate support.Read full review...



Excellent product; very easy to use. Works well for backing up data files and storing photos. I have used other seagate products in the past. This one is more compact and very portable.


Slick little storage drive that meets the need

So far, so good. Had access to a ton of movie and loaded all the one's I wanted onto the drive, thinking it would be mostly full at only 500Gb. I got to about 100 or so and checked disc status...1/2 full. The wireless works well thoughI have not tested the distance out to which it'll get a cgood signal. Plan is to use it in the car for 2 kids to watch differnt things (with headphones of course). I'm sure it'll be fine in a car or motor home. Plan to use it in the plane as well. Not sure how well the signal will travel through on overhead bin, but seems to me it should be pretty good. Small and light, though if you're going to do much travelling with it I'd spring for a case to prtotect it. Only reason I gave it 4/5 in value is it's 500Gb for about $140. The extra money is for the wireless ability. Worth it for me.Read full review...


The Seagate Go Flex Satellite 500GB drive kept the promises made on the box

The Seagate Satellite was a good purchase as I was running out of space on my 16GB IPad. I was able to load all the pictures that I use frequently, I also loaded a few movies and I was able to quickly stram without utilizing an outside Internet source. The software was easy to install,furthermore, after registering the drive, I was able to upgrade the firmware, thus allowing me to permit more users to stream simultaneously. My Overall impression, a fairly priced item, that made good on its promises.Read full review...


awesome product.

my first external hard drive, very good and easy to use. now i don't feel like a dummy any more. very recommend to any one need an external hard drive...

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