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Great camera in small package, so-so in low light

Any camera with you is better than one not with you. This camera is easy on the pocket and takes great pictures, but indoors pictures are somewhat lacking. It does have a flash. But video indoors can be grainy.

This works great as our second camera, for our aspiring camera buff son. It can hold lots of video due to its great compression with minimal quality loss. No mess with tapes or hard drives, its easy to just copy onto the computer using a memory card reader, and then we just leave it there to watch. Yes, you can use software to make a DVD, that is more troublesome.

Because of all is the zoom, it can take many better, closer up shots than your normal pocket camera.

My son broke the tripod screw attachment and then later dropped it and the lens broke, so we just bought another used one.

For a better camera, go for the Sanyo HD high defintion cameras. You'll be thankful 10 years from now, the quality is phenomenal. The videos definitely look better on your computer screen.
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Sanyo Xacti VPC-C6

Easy to use. I own VPC-C4 but the LCD is gone. To fix it will cost me about $100. I bought this to be able to use all parts I have such as charger, batteries with the same money. The 6 Mega pixels is enough for me to get the pictures and the thing I need. You can record voice as well.
I am satisfied with it so far.
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Sanyo Camcorder

A nice small camcorder that takes still shots , too. Seems to work better in low light than my Samung. Easy to use and has a good battery life/

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