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Best phone investment ever!

I had this phone before and absolutely loved it. BEST phone I ever had. I got a different phone after my first Sanyo SCP 2700 and it was horrible quality compared to this one. I had to find me another Sanyo SCP 2700 as it last a long time. My old Sanyo still works (my daughter has it). I'm so happy with it. I couldn't ask for a better phone. The way it's set up and the features are just excellent. I can live without the touch screen phone. You won't regret owning this kind of phone. I may have to order another one before this phone runs out for good. It's that excellent!
The ONLY cons is that this phone does not have a microchip to store pictures and take out to transfer onto the computer or make prints at a photo shop.
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Excellent basic phone, light weigh and long battery life.

I bought this phone for my daughter, but I've owned the same model (blue) for over two years. I like it because it is very basic but at the same time, lightweight and excellent battery life. She will mostly use it to send text messages and talk, so this phone is perfect. It doesn't record video, which (believe it or not) was a feature I was looking for in a phone.

This is not a smart phone, so I don't expect it to find the feature found in a smart phone. If you have the data package from sprint, you can install the opera-mini browser which will improve internet speeds about 100% over the native browser.

All in all, great basic phone with 3 day battey life in the first couple of years. Mine only last 2 days now after texting, talking, and browsing the web.
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Great for Texting

it is very nice. I love the text emotion cons and it is very large so not easily lost in my purse or pocket.
It works excellent and the battery life so far is great for me even though I don't use a cell phone as much as the general public.
The keyboard is very nice and large. Great for texting.
the camera however is the only thing that is not good at all. The resolution gets like a 1 or 2 as the lowest quality.
I mainly use phone for calling and texting.
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great option to pick when looking for easy handling

i bought it for my ten yr old sister because she wanted all the access of a smart phone but at her age doesn't need the android extras. it has basically everything the first blackberry curve offers which is what she transfered over from. its easy to handle and light weight. the messaging and emailing is great and voice calls is pretty reliable with the exception of sprints dead spots witch is not better with any other non-smartphone. i would recommend this to kids and adults who want something like a smartphone without all the extras or extra payment on your bill that come with the new androids. over all the only negative i see is the camera which isnt too bad if you don't use your camera on your phone for anything more than quick pictures on the go. this is a great option to look at before deciding you will get a new smartphone.Read full review...


Great Phone

Great phone, simple, and easy to use. I like it because it serves its purpose of being able to make calls, send text messages, and take pictures. It's not a smartphone, but that's why I like this phone.Read full review...


Great First Cell Phone or for the Non-Tech Savvy

This is my first cell phone. Yes, I am an archaic 19 year old! I was happy to find such a cute phone under an extremely affordable plan. The phone is very easy to use. It includes the basic features one would get with a phone. I wish it was slimmer. Another issue that occurs is butt dialing or in my case tummy dialing. Leaning against the counter at work with my phone in my vest pocket I ALWAYS end up calling someone. Other than that I LOVE the phone to death. Great deal and a great phone for a beginner like me.Read full review...


Great and simple!

For those of you that don't need or want to pay for services you won't use, this is the perfect phone. Great for texting, opera mini works fabulously on this device, and it has an excellent email client! Camera may be only 1.3 MP with no flash, but in even less than perfect lighting conditions, the pictures turn out great almost every time! I had multiple android phones and the photos always came out blurry, plus every application always took up to 20 seconds to load. Camera, messages, browser, email and phone calls can be accessed very quickly. Even though I gave it an excellent rating, one thing Sanyo should have included was EVDO rev A. There need to be more phones that have the feel and ease of use of a blackberry without all the useless fluff. This phone is one of those few that meet most metrics.Read full review...


My Sanyo Juno

I bought this phone as a back up. I have a company issued phone which I use for both business and personal use. I decided I needed something else that I could have, but not feel guilty about paying for while not using it that much. I decided to go with Boost because they off this all inclusive deal for just $50 and no contracts - I loath cell phone contracts.

My main phone is a blackberry, and I really like the qwerty style. The platform is completely different, but not in a bad way. Its geared more towards the texting/emailing crowd who isn't looking for all that audio/video stuff.

Pro's: the display is vivid, and easy to read. Sound quality seems pretty good on both normal and speaker operation. There are numerous (though cheezy) ringtones, but more are available for a small phenomenal fee. the keys aren't too close together and laid out well. The software is quite different than I've seen before, but has been easy to grasp. The battery seems to last very well compared to my bb. Its lightweight, and a pretty good looking little talk-box.

The Cons: I dont like how the keyboard locks when the display goes dark. I haven't found a way to turn this option off, but I've only had the phone for about four days. Throw the directions away - the phone will be easier to figure out just by playing with it... But then again this could be said about most of the gadgets I buy... Keep the directions. Seems a little flimsy next to my bb. I'll probably buy one of those girly little gel cases for it.

My advice? If you're looking for something cheap, fun and easy to use then this would be a good choice.
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sanyo scp 2700

this phone is very easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket. it features a full keyboard which is simple to use however the keys are small and very close together. this phone also has a camera but does not record video. the phone is also lacking a mini sd card slot. but overall the phone is not bad. the battery life seems to be quite long. although the phone is lacking in some features it is a good phone for its price. it almost looks like a knockoff blackberryRead full review...


Sprint Sanyo SCP 2700 cell phone

I was looking for a new cell phone that wouldn't renew my contract for 2 years and I wanted a Sanyo because they have also held up really well. I love this phone because it is nice and little which will fit in my jeans pocket or a little purse. The key pad buttons are a little small which took some time to get use to, but after I week or so I didn't even notice anymore. The camera is nice, nothing to special but I don't expect much from cameras on phones. I am in no means gentle on my phones..this phone has been dropped numerous times, has gotten wet a few times, and then it's even had sand it in but it still works great! I only use it for the basics such as texting, internet, and phone calls but it works perfectly for me! I recommend it to anyone is wants a nice compact texting/typeing phone! The only reason I would get rid of it would be for a touch screen phone but I have yet to even look!!Read full review...

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