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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree



This item was in perfect condition and the kids loved I expected. GREAT MOVIE!

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We played softball back in the 60's but it still shot me right back.

This is a wonderful movie for today's kids (esp. BOYS) and any guys who lived through the summer of (or era of) 1962. A love of baseball/stick ball/softball)/etc. is certainly helpful but not necessary to enjoy this movie.
**MOST IMPORTANT, when you watch the scene at the public pool, you must remember that I said that Squints was, is, and always will be the NUMBER 1 bravest/coolest kid that EVER walked the earth and many of us so envy the shear guts and imagination of his preteen years....enough said! BTW: that's him in the thick glasses on the lower right of the cover picture. Remember that face!
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Family sports flick.

The most EXCELLENT family baseball flick ever put to the big screen! History laden and factful events. No rubber arm teenage aces in the big league's here. Just good old baseball, hotdogs and chevrolet? Based from the 1960's and real kids stuff from "the Beast" to "Wendy" to the good 'ol "Bambino" himself!!! A must see for any sports afflicted family and a must have for the collection!Read full review...



thx it came in very fast thx again

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Kids love it!

My husband's friend told him about this movie a few years ago so we had to rent it at the video store. He loved the movie and we had to watch it multiple times before returning it to the store. Now my kids, who are 4 and 5, love this movie! I asked my 5 year old to do some chores the other day and told him if he did everything I'd buy him a movie and this is the one he picked. It's much better than part 2.Read full review...


classic movie I loved!!!

Grew up on this movie great pleasure watching my nieces and nephews enjoy this classic as mmm y sisters and I did long ago !! Cant go wrong with this movie. It came brand new just as discribe


Loved by two generations

This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Now many years later, my 2 and half year old son can't get enough. It has everything in this movie that he loves (sports & animals). He watches it non-stop; Seriously. This is truely just a cute, kid-friendly movie that you can pop in for a sleepover or even for family time.Read full review...


The Sandlot DVD

Good family movie, was in great shape when we received it.

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Fast shipping,perfect condition

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buy it

awesome movie, love the story. big fan of the rocket, best young movie of all time, kids movie of the year

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