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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use50% agree

Long battery life100% agree


Everything Is Great About This !

Perfect size, weight, memory - microSD slot expands listening to infinity ! Long battery life, EZ to recharge.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: ahchthoreo


Overall, it is a good product and will do the job.

Attractive design although a little "bulky". Not having camera or Bluetooth, makes it just a MP4 player like others just bigger.
Not having a clip of some sort to hold it is a minus. The headset that comes with it is ridiculous.
Easy setup and good sound quality. Not tested with video just yet. The FM radio is a plus.
The touch pad is a little annoying, specially if you are working-out and sweating. It not always follows your command.
Overall, it is a good product and will do the job.
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This is definitely worth the buy... I came from using the first generation Sansa Fuze which has been a blast and perfect for those looking for an mp3 player without all the hype. The only thing that takes getting used too is the flat surface buttons used to navigate throughout the mp3 player itself.. Its touch sensitive isn't soooo sensitive which isn't really a downside considering how many touchscreens have the problem of being too sensitive... The only reason why I am mentioning it is because its kind of a step down from the navigation wheel from the first onew in my opinion... Other than that.. If you don't need all the hype that comes with the Ipod.... This is the best thing!!!!!!!!!Read full review...


Looks good - works poorly. Look elsewhere or get Sansa Fuze NON-Plus.

I've bought several Sansa Fuze primarily to listen to audiobooks. The buggy native audio software is best worked around by using MSC mode. They're useless for video as the Sansa Media Converter required to convert video files to Sansa Fuze compatibility does not, in fact, work. The Sansa Fuze Plus I just bought is vitually unusable as its touch screen technology constantly (accidentally) re-starts the audiobook from page 1. Re-finding your place is next to impossible. Gave up and bought a cheap Coby MPS player and it works great at half the price. Sansa Fuze has never EVER gotten its software to function. If it had it would dominate the market. Too bad.Read full review...


It's not a Fuze. It's a Fuze+

They're not going to send you a Fuze; they're going to send you a Fuze+. If you're looking for a Fuze, do not buy this.

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A good value.

I purchased this as a replacement for an old Sansa MP3 player that died. This one is taking some getting used to. The touck screen controls are super sensitive. I will figure it out with use. It was a great value.Read full review...


So far I like it

I like the file support and expandable storage. The touchpad is a little sensitive but not so bad. Selecting songs is plenty quick for me.

At first I thought that it couldn't be charged and used at the same time, but that's because I had it plugged into a computer. If you plug it into a wall outlet then usb will charge only and device will be usable.Read full review...


Awesome product...Ipod will be out of business

My 5th MP3 player device of the same brand. Each member of my family has one. Much more versatile and does more than what ipod would do!! for fraction of the price .Unbelievable battery life???MicroSD expands memroy to 32GB.
I tried Apple products and other more cheaper and more expensive products SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ has beaten them all.
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great battery life; small learning curve, very versatiile

Bought this product as I had a Sansa clip; great upgrade! Controls are hard to get used to, and submenus for music are like an impossible maze (3 weeks of ownership). Battery life is insanely amazing. Also, there was a firmware glitch that caused voice and fm recording blips, this can be solved by changing firmware (google it). I like the fact that you can add memory to it too. Mainly bought it as a music player, but the fact that it can do video and photos is awesome. I recommend buying a good case for this as it can get scratched easily due to its interfaceRead full review...


long battery life, expandable memory,great brand.

had early versions of sansa and this new version is slower to navigate through songs but has a bigger screen. still a great value for the price and easy to add more memory too.

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