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Samsung's service is very BAD! Their stuff is great--until it breaks.

The monitor didn't run long enough to review. BUT the service from SAMSUNG is the worst I've run across in years.

I bought this new, it sat for a couple months before I got it going. I fired it up with a new PC and it died on me. No biggie right? Just wait.

I got a hold of SAMSUNG's service. The first try was through email, and it was faster than using the phone come to find out. It takes about 72 hours to get a shipping label (crazy right?), another two plus weeks to get it there and back. It finally arrives in the same box, single boxed, and barely taped shut.

I stopped what I was doing and went to set it up. I plugged it in and NOTHING!! It was still dead. DID THEY CHECK THE POWER SUPPLY??? Anyway, now I'm a bit put out so I call 1800samsung. Here's where the time-drain comes in.

It took no less than 5 minutes to get to talking about the monitor issues. I spoke with three people and was put on hold at least once by customer service for up to 3 minutes. One guy put me on hold three times -- that's for 2 to 3 minutes at a time. Finally, I was given the chance to wait another three or four weeks to get another monitor.

I own two Samsung monitors and two Samsung TV's. I was seriously looking into their smartphones, too, until this mess. Samsung's service is as poor as it comes, and that means more to me than what they can offer in products and price. It's all good until you have to send something back -- then the trouble either starts or is helped away. At SAMSUNG service is where the trouble really starts.

I'd rather pay a bit more and get some help after the fact than save a few bucks and have real hassles getting stuff fixed.

If you're a SAMSUNG fan like I was, PRAY that it never blinks out, because the service will totally underwhelm you.
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Outstanding Monitor and very well priced

I was seeking a larger monitor when I found this one. My old monitor is no longer supported,it is 5+ years old. This model has excellent picture quality and was very well priced.
Be mindful that this monitor has NO vertical adjustment. I found a very nice stand that works well for this model and is adjustable for under $30.
This is a widescreen monitor that supports standard screen resolutions but you will have black bars on sides of viewing area.
With this information in mind, this is a VERY nice monitor and would be outstanding for movie watching or game playing (if video card and game/movie support widescreen). Works just find for my college classes and all Microsoft Office products.
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For an everyday general use monitor, you can't do much better.

I won't write any technical reviews... I just want to note that this monitor has nice picture quality (in layman's term). And it looks good too. Was very reasonably priced. Setup was nothing more than just plug-it-in. This replace my wife's monitor that went bad. She would have said something if the picture quality was not good, or if she lost some computer time due to installation issues. So, from average user's point of view, this is an excellent monitor at a great price.Read full review...


Great value for the money

Bought this screen to replace my old 19" lcd and is a difference from day to night . Very bright and super clear image . Very impressed for the money I paid for it . The only cons is the base stand being to small for a 23" screen . Overall is a great buy .Read full review...


Awesome Monitor.

this is a very good product, I use this monitor for my personal use to watch movies and play games and the Sharp Contrast- Picture is just perfect, it has very bright colors. and the price that i pay for it is definitively worked. I am very happy. (the only thing that I dislike about the monitor is that it docent support HDMI.)Read full review...


A+. Best choice for the money.

Great monitor for the price. Got the same one, buying the second because I want a dual screen. Never knew best, now I have 23"x2 monitor on my PC, this is terrific. I strongly recommend even if you don't plan having 2 monitorsRead full review...


It's more than I need!

This product will prove to be versatile for me as an office asset with photography, the visual workload, and the reading
that concerns my pc work/research.


Top notch product and fast shipment

This is an excellent value for the money and a high quality monitor. I will look for another of equal quality when i needone again!


i hate it

they send me monitor with chinese language manuel.
i call customers service they did not help me how to change in english language. even they hang up phone on me after i hold it for an hour.


Great deal! Do not miss it.

This is a great deal. It has not been told to be as good as the regular product since it is refurbished. However, the monitor I've got is definitely flawless and the picture is amazing. It provides a bright picture with quality color and high definition. I would recommend to whomever look for widescreen monitor. Apart from the price, the value is absolutely exceptional.Read full review...

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