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great deal

I activated this phone today with no problems this was a great deal for an extra phone it came in great condition and is really well finished. This was the perfect solution for an old 2G phone being replaced due to the 2g network being discontinued in our area, this phone is 3g compatible and seems to be just what was needed.Read full review...

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Best low price phone

The Samsung S390G phone works great for me. It can text, take photos, record videos, play MP3's, browse the internet with WiFi or 3g, and do many other things. Tracfone service only cost me about $80 per year and their coverage is as good as any other cell carrier I've ever used. I don't understand why so many people waste $100+ per month on phones that do basically the same thing. I never had any problems with it auto dialing either like others had mentioned. The keypad auto-locks after a few seconds and requires you to press 3 different keys to unlock again. So I find it hard to believe that it can auto dial unless you are sitting down on it causing random keys to be pressed all day long, which would be foolish anyway. I also like that you can add a memory card for storing photos, wallpapers, videos and Mp3's. With an usb cable connected to your computer all the files on the memory card can easily be transferred to and from the phone. A few minor complaints I have is are: the browser is kind of useless because the screen is so little, the space key will sometime type a period when pressed in the center, and it doesn't come with any games at all. But it's still the best phone I've seen for the money.Read full review...


Excellent choice for the minute-based prepaid customer

I love Samsung quality and S390G did not disappoint. I purchased this Tracfone "triple minutes for life" version, a GSM phone, with AT&T coverage. Case has a dark gray back panel, sides have silver trim, is non-metallic yet feels cool to the touch like metal. Depth is less than .5 inch and 2.5 inches wide makes it easy to hold and text one-handed. WiFi works flawlessly, can surf without burning minutes and that works right out the box, Youtube videos look pretty good. With WiFi deactivated and using 3G Mobility I can not view videos and that's expected with Tracfone's non-streaming clause. Enhanced security has password capability for each application and contacts, however security will not block Internet access. The 2.4 inch (diagonal) display is beautiful and bright, with dark blue background for soothing contrast, clock and battery meter are easily seen at a glance. QWERTY keypad is wide with low profile key height that are well-spaced with 'click' response. Featured keys include text-message key, calendar key, and one shortcut menu key stores up to 12 favorites from main menu and sub menus. Scrollpad only needs a light sweeping touch and is lightening quick on menu options. Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo and Gmail are easy to setup (Gmail has a security setting you have to change online first), including several intervals for downloading mail. I've downloaded and used apps from including Google Maps, Platinum Mahjongg, Opera Mini, Accuweather. MP3 Player is nicer than any I've seen from Samsung, runs in background-mode with home-screen controls, an outstanding feature. The downside is MP3's can't double as Ringtones, disappointing since even lower-end Samsungs allow MP3's as Ringtones. Bluetooth works with my car's fancy 2012 infotainment system, FIAT'S "Blue&Me". Transfer contacts to it, make/take/reject calls from steering-face controls, play music thru TomTom's onscreen media center. Phonebook holds 2000 entries with many options including 4 types of phones #s, memo, email, default #, speed dial, groups, URLs, company, title, street address, picture, ringtone. Speaker phone easily activates onscreen. Microsd slot is conveniently located on the outside left and takes cards up to 32GB. Battery life is very good, about 5 hours talk time :) with it's 1000 mAh battery. Wall-charger included. One drawback is S390G easily pocket dials and browses the web... and I advise using keypad auto-lock at all times or use Airplane Mode as necessary. Note there is SIM slot, however, you can't use another carrier's SIM, outside the USA you won't be able to swap SIMs. S390G is not a smartphone, not a touch screen, not for the simple mind, nor the spoiled teen, nor the bored genius. Just an excellent, solid prepaid feature-phone, where $30 to $45 is a good price range for either new Tracfone or Net10. I'm so pleased and give five-stars for doing everything it's supposed to do. Recommended.Read full review...


Sound quality & volume great, easy to text/call. I rate it 4/5.

It's a 3G feature phone, not a smart phone. It's a great phone, and the cost is very reasonable. Only drawback would be for people who use internet browser a lot--it will not be as fast as a 4G smart phone. Wifi works well. Camera definition is not great but passable. Texting is easy. Can also do emails. Learning to use it is very intuitive. It serves all my needs well.Read full review...


Thank,(for stepping up your product offerings), but no thanks.

Phone was purchased for the TMFL feature, as well as the internet browser ability.WIt was fairly easy to sign on to the internet, even before the phone was activated.I realized, a couple of weeks later though that I hadnt used it once after the initial set-up.Just too many other ways to surf the net,and much easier.Also, the phone had a tendency to 'pocket dial' 911. I never actually had it complete that call and had emt's show up,but I had read of others who had that problem. I think this is a Tracfone problem, and one that they dont seem inclined to rectify. I transferred my time and dates over to a flip phone(lg430g) because I basically use a TF for calls, only.
I believe the 390 was a bold step for TF to get out in the big dog world, and I hope they keep coming out with newer stuff, but this seems to me to be a mistake.
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A good buy but watch minutes or most could go bye bye by accident

Purchased several Tracfones & this one mainly for minute package and the ability to upgrade memory size. The only complaints would be the lack of accessories for this phone such as protective case which would keep you from loosing minutes when a button is hit by accident. The gel cases protect the sides from dropping but not from transport or getting mashed by your body or other objects it may brush against. You have to be very careful if you pocket it as it has happened often. I use a pouch with a clip strap that can dangle away from the body/bag, but you still have to always be aware of it touching something which is a pain. You can also loose minutes when any emails come if you are at home and the signal drops so you have constantly check to make sure you are connected. I shut down this feature because it was also a pain and only use if on the road if pressed to check emails. Have not used all features but the same problem would most likely happen if you get dropped signals. Over all it was a good buy.Read full review...


GREAT for text, phone, but FEAR the auto-browser!! No back pockets!

I've had it 6 months. Used about 100 minutes a month.
Annoyingly unlocks itself. Generally gets into the
"Buy Airtime" menu, but sometimes any other when it does..
Has launched the browser a couple times on its own.
Efficient, quick processor, really good on battery life,
and great sound on phone/spkr. Haven't tried to install java
apps. Got this phone for under $20 after minutes included.
Can't wait to get rid of it. Really, its only the
self-unlock and browser-launch that makes me uncomfortable.

The wifi feature will seek your network, and automatically
use it for the browser if you have it set up. If the icon is showing, then it will work. This doesn't apply to texts and phone calls. I would like a screen that lets you know you are using (either 3g or wifi) the network, so you know.

The keypad makes text and email better, but if you have a
network (wifi), then you have a PC most likely. Not so good
for youtube, but I think it worked.. or would with Opera, etc.
Data rates are so high.. (1MIN=100kb I think) you really have
to watch the step down from older tracs and their cheap data plans.
I tried using my old trac at Disneyworld just before switching to this (3G), and found that AT&T had throttled the
availability so much that getting a simple map on google took
20+ minutes. That's not exaggerating. In that case, this new 3G phone would be cheaper. If that much 2G/EDGE is lost everywhere, you might as well move on. Last year in a rural town, I could have done that in 2 minutes on my old tracphone. Its not a BAD phone, has good features, the black box in the middle is a micro touchpad that works perfectly like a trackball on menus. If I could trust it to stay locked, I would like it. Since the data charges are by kB not time, even launching the browser is cheap, if launched accidentally. Time is calculated to .01 minutes as data is used. (per kB) Really, a great phone by 2004-2008 standards.

Update:I just came back to complain again, about this awful phone. Found I already wrote a review! Not for pockets, and it still launches the browser itself. Yes, it unlocks itself at least daily. Nice for having keyboard, if you want it. The touch button is really cool, like old IBM laptops sorta. The processor cannot handle real web much, and screen is tiny. Still haven't ported in Java apps.
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Tracfone's Best Phone by far.

This is the best Tracfone I've ever had, and I've had many. It has wi-fi capability which comes in handy on your home network, or on free wi-fi if you can find it. The Qwerty keyboard is easy enough to use, and not so cramped as the LG500. The S390g has the capability to install a memory card for your music. I already got a memory card, but have yet to receive my data cable to test this out. All in all...a slim, sturdy, durable, competent phone. It's not quite a smartphone, but close enough to keep me happy. I really like Tracfone's pay as you go system, instead of being robbed by 2 year plans from the other carriers.Read full review...


Where else can non-blabermouths get cellphone service for under $7 a month!

Probably the best phone you can buy at this time if you're looking for the most features for the least price. The ability to use WIFI without using your minutes for the low cost of this phone is probably it's best attribute. Just be careful not to hit the back button too many times as it will launch the browser and cost you minutes. I think Tracfone and Samsung conspired on this setup.Read full review...


Great bang-for-the-buck.

I've been pleased w/this phone & TracFone, but please know that I use a phone to talk, occasionally text, & check emails. I use computers, televisions, cameras, & radios for their designated purposes. I bought this phone because my Rugby is/was a great phone, but it wasn't compatible w/Tracfone. That positive experiencew/Samsung influenced my decision to purchase this brand when I could no longer justify paying so much in fees & taxes w/minutes to spare each month. I don't like to type on the display that I'm reading & trapping debris between a slider keyboard & phone case doesn’t seem intuitive, so those factors influenced my purchase of this style. Its textured case has a nice feel, the display is very clear & the functions are user friendly. The micro-sd slot is handy & the battery life is good. The wifi feature is great & saves data fees. I have large hands, but this phone's raised keys have proved fairly resistant to fat-finger syndrome. Overall, the fit & form is nice, but I prefer a more abuse-oriented type of phone. I knew what I was getting, but was still impressed. I gave 5-stars based on the great deal (free w/minutes) & its overall functionality.Read full review...

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