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Great if you are on a budget and don't need a full smartphone.

I have had this phone for 6 months. It is perfect for those who want good features without the fanciness or expenses of a smartphone. It has a GPRS web browser for *very* basic Internet access. Excellent sound quality and signal range for calls. Clear and colorful display. Bluetooth and an appointment calendar are nice conveniences. Simple Email access and IM--can post photos to Facebook, Twitter, etc. via email/multimedia messaging. If you text a lot, you'll love the keyboard. Camera is decent for closeup shots. Music player is good. I added a 4GB microSD memory chip & got a USB adapter to store music & transfer files to and from my computer. If your computer is Bluetooth-enabled, you can transfer files that way, but it's much slower. My only complaint is that I bought a non-Samsung wireless headset, hoping to not be tethered--it only works for phone calls, not music. I had to get a proprietary Samsung adapter to plug my earbuds in. Make sure you get a model-specific adapter or wireless headset to use the music player. The phone is sturdy, but a silicone case and screen protector are recommended if you drop phones a lot!Read full review...


Great phone and value for the money.

Great phone. The camera takes great pictures and is easy to manage. I didn't need to read the instructions, easy to understand and start using right away. Great size, it's light and nice and slim.


Great little phone

I love my little phone. Extremely light weight, easy to use, great value.

The keys are on the small side though, so males with thick fingers probably wouldn't like it.

My only problem with it, is it likes to turn its self off randomly when using the internet. It's not that big of a deal but it can be frustrating to be booted.Read full review...


A very sturdy little phone that last a long time.

My husband has a phone just like this and he loves it. He says its the best phone he has ever owned. So, I bought one for me. It is a very good phone. It gets great signal, even better than the expensive phones I've gotten with my upgrades. I hate the touch screen phones. The screens always seem to go out. The only thing is I wish this phone had larger keys on it. Its a little hard to text with cause I have large fingers.Read full review...


Simple, great product.

This is a great little phone. Compact, easy to use & perfect for someone who doesn't want a large bill every month. Also nice visually, with good graphics & design.


advertised as new but was used..

had this phone but left it on the roof of my car and drove off so i bought a new one. easy to use, great rate plans. sturdy, can be dropped and not be damaged, great phone!


good phone

good phone. works great for basic use. phone was in great condition and sound quality is good. havent had any problems with it. great for texting, buttons are a lil small though. camera is not that great but it gets the job done i guess. i would recomend to teensRead full review...


Ok product,ok value.

Bought it to replace a previous Samsung that crapped out on me,apparently this one is slightly lower on features than the other one. I didn't realize but there's no video on this one and also the buttons are so small that I keep hitting all kinds of other things by mistake.Read full review...


Great price for a great phone!

I bought this phone for my daughter and she loves it! It was very easy to set up and it's really thin and lightweight. Worth the price! Great starter phone for my pre-teen. She loves the full keyboard!Read full review...


This is a great phone for backup use.

the buttons are really small so not ideal for larger hands but durable phone and battery life is good! Camera is average and I really like the reject caller option in this phone and its ease of use.

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