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Good image quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Good value100% agree



I love this TV, just wonderful hands down. If your looking for a TV get this one! Crystal clear HDMI picture, full digital and "touch" buttons, just love it, very glad i bought this tv. SAMSUNG is the best for tvs. Just wanted to add to this review years later, ive since upgraded to a 47 inch tv but this 23" is still in use as one of my 3 monitors on my home PC, still love this TV and i still recommend it !! (3 years later)Read full review...


not sure of product...

so far my experience is great with this co. i have not been able to fully operate the item bought to see it's quality or functions.


Ultimately, this is the ideal TV for anywhere that does not want to spend t

The Samsung P2370HD 23" 1080p HD LCD Television is the perfect television for anywhere in a household. It is not too small nor too big and the high definition detailed colored is amazing! However, theres only a few cons: sometimes there may be a glare and also when the volume is too low you can't hear properly, but +1 volume up it makes it TOO loud. Other then than if noise control is not an issue this television is tremendously loud for its size. The slick black looks awesome however it collects a lot of obvious dust when it just sits there. The remote control and features are very simple.Read full review...


Samsung P2370HD 23'' LCD Television

I give a less than excellent rating because the sound is not as good as it should be. The sound is the only feature I dislike.

I love the DVI connection for my pc that also has a DVI connection. I watch a lot of media streaming and video on-line. The DVI connection has much improved the stream of digital media I couldn't get from just a rgb analog vga connection. The 23" size is perfect, as not too big or too small. This unit has all the connections I need.

I will probably get external speakers for better sound. But the sound is better than the pc monitor I no longer have. The sound is not horrible but just not as good as my 20" Toshiba HDTV/PC lcd.

All in all, I'm still happy with this purchase and would buy it again.

Picture quality is excellent, And I would even rate it better than my Toshiba HDTV.

I was also happy to discover it does come with the sleep timer that was not mentioned in the specs.

What I like about it the most is the DVI connection my Toshiba does not have.

I hookup my roku player to the HDMI connection for netflix instant streaming and get amazing picture.

I do recommend this Samsung P2370HD 23'' LCD Television to anyone. Great for pc and HDTV viewing.
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P-2370 HD 23" LCD Television - good value

I love the design and the compact size, excellent picture, and ease of use. The remote control is compact and easy to use. The onboard controls "disappear" into the lower front bezel until you touch the bezel - THAT's REALLY COOL! My rating loses one star because of the sound quailty - the sound quality is really quite poor; the volume is very weak, and the tone is very tinny.

But, overall, I'm pleased.
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Refurbished Samsung 23" hdtv/monitor combo

This hdtv/monitor has an excellent picture. The sound however is below par, and could use better speakers, or it can be plugged into and external amp using either the optical output or headphone jack. The horizontal viewing angle is good, but the image dims if viewed from slightly below the screen. If mounted high, it must be tilted downward to be viewed. Although the 23" size is a little large for closeup viewing as a monitor, and a bit small for a TV, it is an excellent compromise for a combination TV/monitor for a small room like a bedroom. The onscreen menu takes time to figure out, and seems more complicated then most others I have used. One reason I bought it is for the multiple inputs that most monitors lack. It has HDMI, DVI, component, composite, and VGA so I can plug about anything into it. I would not have paid retail for a new one, but the refurbished price was a great deal and the fantastic picture and built in HDTV tuner more than make up for the few shortcomings.Read full review...


Samsung P2370HD 1080p LCD TV

Great TV clearity! But for value of the price, there are some trade offs: -no bass from the speakers; -screen does not tilt or turn, and is difficult to view at different angles; -also, my purchase was a refurbish and had a completely annoying sticker with much residue still on the spot where the sticker was. other than that, the remote is totally loaded and very comfortable, but takes a bit to get use to. The television menu options are excellent and I truly cannot think of any other way to make it any better. I just now wish I would have purchased the 25" model.Read full review...


I love my Samsung TV

I bought the Samsung P2370HD 23"TV because I needed something small for my bedroom, and also to use as a monitor with my laptop. I am very pleased with the tv, it has a beautiful picture. I had no problems with hooking up my laptop and watching a movie on netflix. The only issue that I have is that it didn't come with a user guide, not even a quick start one. It was easy to go to Samsung to get one.All in all I am very happy with this tvRead full review...


Good, but no buttons

The TV is great, except two things: there isn't a single actual button on it, they're all touch-feel. In the dark it's very hard to turn it on w/out the remote control. A TV like this should have some kind of ridges on the surface to help the fingers find the spot on the TV to press against - that's how it works. THe rest of the so-called buttons need to be located and the menu turned on to even see what to press.
An even bigger issue is the stand - the TV/monitor doesn't rotate or lean at all. The only thing to do is to put something beneath the base holding it to make it easier to view.
But I loved the design, the violet line that goes around the side. The whole outer looks is amazing.
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Samsung P2370HD 23'' LCD Television

We bought it for a small room and we thought the price was fair. So far we didn`t have any problems. It came with no manual but our Dish Network rep helped us set it up. The Samsung rep was unable to help. The TV shows real good so far and it`s been problem free. We bought a Square Trade warranty hopefully we won`t need it. The only cons that we know about was not having a manual and the Samsung rep being unable to help us set it up. Overall it`s a good buy and it has a sleek design which sold us also.Read full review...

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