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Good value92% agree

Long battery life84% agree

Small form factor78% agree


The Last of a Dying Breed

This is my favorite phone. It does all I need it to, and access to every app I want. I don't want to upgrade to the next generations for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is the size. It has a nice sized screen, even for this old man, and still small enough that it doesn't feel like a tablet in my hand. It fits in my pocket with ease, unlike the new larger phones. And to be honest, I have a really hard time paying 500.00+ for something that really does not do any more than this phone. Probably the only con in my opinion is the quality of the camera, but it takes the kind of pics I usually take with no problems. Plus, I will always be partial to Droids than Apples, mainly due to the fact I can easily upgrade memory whenever I feel the need.Read full review...

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great cameras !

Like the way pictures look when I receive them and I'm told that when I send them they come out great. Very nice phone ,pretty easy to use, as this is my first Smart Phone. I'm enjoying how to use it. Would not hesitate to buy another one. Always had Samsung phones and very happy with them .Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mobilepros1


Galaxy S3 Mini better OS than Galaxy Core Prime

Short exposure to both phones, but the smaller S3 Mini feels nice in the hand and is easy to get around in. The Core Prime gives more screen space (similar to the full sized S3), and its OS is supposed to be the same, but subtle differences seem better thought out on the Galaxy S3 and its mini version, eg, go to Contacts and jump to the letter along the right edge to get to the right section. Can't do that on the Core Prime.Read full review...

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Great dependable phone

This is a great Samsung device. Way ahead of its time. Dependable, nice construction, good looks. Functionality is great. Fast set up.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: rebeccasinger23


Great Verizon phone that I use on Straight Talk service

The battery can last almost 2 days which is very unusual with as much as I use the web. Signal is great everywhere. Pictures are ok. I love almost everything about this phone. The only disappointment is these newer versions of android will report that unfortunately some service has stopped, it locks up about once or twice a week and occasionally is slow. No different than any other phone that I have used. It fits perfectly in my holster which was a big deal to me. It does everything I need it to.Read full review...


Great phone to have.

First time I purchased a Galaxy S Series phone and very satisfied. Fairly easy to use. Battery lasts a good amount of time and I keep a spare battery handy anyway. Highly recommend it but would likely buy the non Mini series since I don't have small hands.Read full review...


It is a good product to use and it is simple not to complicate and a fair $

This is an old model of Samsung Galaxy S II but is working fine. It is easy to use and so simple for someone who is not concern much about technology at this century. The price was a little high with an old model such as Galaxy II at this time.Read full review...


Awesome phone! A real great value for the money!

I was a bit hesitate in buying this phone but after using it for a few weeks now I am very pleased that I made the purchase. This phone is so easy to use. One swipe and your in business to go where you have to go in using it. Checking my email is so easy also. As for the battery life it is not so bad. As long as you don't have all the apps on it won't be taking up battery life. So when I don't need those apps I just shut them off.. and its good to go. I would recommend this phone. Easy to get to where you want to go and it is quick. I can not compare this to any other phone because this is my first time having a smartphone and I like it. I have the Samsung tablet and after experiencing that I knew that I would be pleased with the phone, therefore I made the purchase. So far there isn't anything that I dislike about this phone. It just reminds me of my tablet by Samsung which I love. What I really like about this phone is that my phone carrier's app tells me how many minutes and texts has been used. So I don't have to check on there site. I think this is a great feature that this phone does this. Like I stated before, my first time with a smartphone and I really do like the bells and whistles it gives. Even if I don't use it but it is there if I need to.Read full review...


Overall great phone. Would definitely buy another.

I bought this one used and I really love it. I was a hold out on buying a smart phone so this is my first. Having said that I already had a 7" Samsung tablet, so I was familiar with the interface. I have had many Samsung phones and frankly, until they started making smart phones I didn't ever have one I liked much.my previous one was an sgh-t369. This was almost a smart phone as far as features go. Even had a slide out keyboard. Great phone except for one thing. I carried it in my pocket and nearly every time I leaned over or did anything it turned on or off. Sometimes several times in a row. It drove me crazy. The point of this tale is that the smart phone does it too. Fortunately it's rare with this phone, not many times daily like the other. I have no problem with battery life. I think it does quite well. It has a great feel, great look and I'm very happy with it. Just wish they'd make the battery button a bit harder to push to correct the one minor issue.Read full review...


Good, but not great, miniaturization of the GS3

I wanted something like the Galaxy series only smaller, and this is it. Battery life is great. The camera isn't great, with pretty much anything other than broad daylight resulting in grainy pictures and/or motion blur from overly long exposure. But it gets the job done. Also, be aware that the flash is located below the camera lens, so it's very easy to accidentally block it with your finger. If you care about rooting, you can do it, but as far as I know you can't unlock the bootloader or install 3rd-party ROMs such as CyanogenMod.

One thing to look out for is the lack of an ambient light sensor. This means that by default, you have to manually adjust the screen brightness. To fix this, I highly recommend installing an app called Lux, which can use the phone's front-facing camera as a light sensor to auto-adjust the screen brightness.

All in all, it's a good choice if you're looking for a miniaturized version of the Galaxy S III, but unfortunately you will have to make a few compromises in functionality (camera, light sensor, custom ROMs) in order to get the smaller size.
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