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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use75% agree

Long battery life100% agree


Pretty good device, and well worth the price I paid for it.

I bought this product because I am a fan of the Android OS brand, and Samsung. I have heard alot about the galaxy player and wanted to see and interact with it myself. It is a little big and much like an actual phone (minus phone app), but loaded with features. Battery life could be a little better, but I do love the fact that memory storage can be expanded.Read full review...


Works great, Has support from Samsung, Good size to carry, Crisp and Clear.

I just received this today so I'll see how well it lasts over time. But from the feel of this it seems solid enough to last a few years or more. I'll start with the pros.


Good battery life, mine came dead and took a long time to charge but holds a charge better then most 7' tablets for around 100$ that I've bought.

Good CPU, I have no problem multi-tasking No freezing. Again better then most 7' tablets for this price. I've bought quite a few 7' tabs for 100 or less and they all had some kind of problem. Not this device, it works perfect.

FM Radio, is a must while working or out the house. good reception too.

Google play, samsung app store. and it allows other app stores like Amazon to be installed.

Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3mp rear camera with flash, All great features to have. Music sounds clear, videos play smooth. Internet browsing is crisp and clear to read.

What else could I say, its an amazing device. Like a well built samsung tablet only small enough to carry in your pocket. Plenty of space to keep all your files and large enough screen to enjoy web browsing and watching videos.

This device is way better then any tablet you will find for around 100$. I bought this because I was fustrated with spending money on tabs that where to big to carry around and also had some kind of problems that only got worse. I am very happy I found this and thanks to samsung I can finally stop wasting time looking for a good tablet.

The only CON is it only has 500mb of Ram. But I been using it for awhile and it hasnt slowed down or had any problems in fact I have several apps running and its still very fast. Right now its only using 185mb so thats really good. Android Gingerbread was designed to run on low RAM devices so don't let that deter you, I didn't and it runs nice and fast. I hope this helps some people. I really like mine.
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Great alternative to iPod. Awesome value!

This is a direct iPod competitor and, from my point of view, completly blow it off.

For almost the same price (I paid mine 215CA$ vs iPod 200CA$) I get all the sweet things, but over the iPod here are the extra features:
GPS (a real one) // Flash for photos // 5" screen. Way better for watching videos or even movies // Excellent battery life // Vibrating // FM Radio // Expension slot SD card up to 32GB (Take that Apple!) ----

Where it falls off:
WiFi signals are more difficult to grab than on the iPod. // Lots of reflections if you go on a sunny day. Bearly usuable ----

I personnaly setup my VoIP account on this device, and it works fine. So whenever I have WiFi connection, it can be used like a normal phone without the fees. Even when you're out of WiFi, you still have acces to GPS, Radio, MP3s. That's all very cool together!
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I bought it used and installed a 64 gb chip worked fine for a month or so now it won't play though the list just repeats an album maybe the ch

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: savdogar


Great tablet/music and video player. A worthy replacement for an old iPod.

This was my fourth Galaxy Player. I started with a 3.6" to replace my aging iPod. Next I bought my wife a 50 (5") for nursing school to carry her digital textbooks. Both worked and still work great. Next I bought another 3.6" to use at the office to check wireless connections and serve as a desktop player. Then I bought this one to replace my original 3.6" that has been re-purposed to play videos for my 2 year old son.

This tablet is often mistaken for a phone especially the Samsung Note. I've used this tablet to connect to my blu-ray player, my cell phone, my computers and printers and my digital camera via Bluetooth.

The only glitch I have found on this one and my wife's 50 is that the tablet will completely lock up if you let the battery get below 5%, until it dies. Once recharged, it turns on and runs perfectly. It is very sad that Samsung abandoned these smaller player so quickly (just 3-4 years in production for the US).
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Nice product and easy to use.

I purchased this for my 10 year old daughter as she was asking for a ipod. As I explained the features of the two compared, she agreed to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Player. She is very satisfied with this product.
The audio is loud and clear, the camera does an amazing job, connectivity, features, and UI far exceed the ipod according to a 10 year old girl.
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Better than a nokia.

This is a wonderful product.
The size of it is perfect- small enough to be pocket sized but large enough for gaming.
The most redeeming feature is its hardiness. I bought mine 2 years ago. Over the time I owned it it has been ran over by a 4WD and been dropped about 5 times onto concrete at a height over 1.5m. The only damage it has taken was a small peeling of the back case. the screen is uncracked and all other processes work perfectly.
It has a great battery life- eight hours of continuous GPS use.

Overall a wonderful product and would recomend it to anyone.
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As a PDA, it's a dud.

I have to say that I really only bought the Player as a PDA, because PDAs have gone out of fashion now, and my old one (HP iPAQ) died. So my comments only relate to the use of the Player as a PDA. In this regard it's a dud. The synchronisation for Schedule (Calendar) & Contacts with Outlook is really problematic: unbelievably slow and constantly not connecting with the device (using Samsung software called Kies). I have had to re-download the software about 20 times so far (no exaggeration)including 5 times this morning.
I have a great deal of data on my Outlook Calendar but whereas the iPAQ would synchronise in about 5 minutes, for some reason this device takes many hours. I don't know why. It seems like it is re-syncing every piece of data on the schedule/calendar whereas the iPAQ had the capacity to identify any changes that had occurred since the last synch, and just synch those.
I don't really use many of its other features so can't comment on them, but as a PDA, I've wasted my money.
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Great Christmas present for all ages ! they will love this player!

I have bought 4 of these already. my first one was a big hit with my grandchild so much I had to buy 3 more ! I was a little Worried because it said refurbished and they have also discontinued this product. even though all of this I have had 100 percent success rate with all four . Another reason I wanted to get these is because all four of my grandchildren have kindles and were wanting iPods . I went with these because I was not wanting to spend 300 plus on iPods for a 10 ,7', 11, and 6 year old all very electronic savvy because of the school system using iPad in school. They love them and can do anything that a iPod can do ! They speak into it to search stuff works perfect every time . The only problem I could see is until I got a rubber cover for it . it did get dropped a lot . after putting a cover on it they did not drop it anymore. even though it was dropped a lot nothing happened so pretty sturdy. I have not heard one complaint that it is slow or frozen etc the things impatient kids don't like. .Very happy with my purchase hoping to get two more before they are sold out ! my first 3 were from a different eBay seller until they sold out . I found another seller to buy my last one both sellers are 100 percent !Read full review...


thank you!

I gave this product over a month to feel out before I reviewed it and it as good as new. I use it all day for Internet browsing and music and the battery rarely goes past halfway when I'm ready for bed. The sd slot is awesome. I paid 160 plus 50 for a 64gb sd card (which is compatible with this device if set it up real quick. YouTube or Google how very easy) . So to compare with apple. I have a 5inch mp3 player with 64gb external and 8gb internal for slightly over 200bucks. Apple 64gb touch is 399 plus tax. haha I not restricted to using iTunes and can simply drag and drop any files from any computer I want. Also geek deals refurbished is as good as new can't tell the difference. Also they it got to me across the country in like 2 or 3 days. Everything about this buy has been great.Read full review...

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