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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Well designed100% agree


Samsung DVD was just what I need!

The quality of the DVD player is so good I don't understand how it could be sold so inexpensively

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: littlebrother2009


It's a Samsung. Enough Said!

I don't know about you, but I think Samsung makes the best tv/video devices in the world. I bought the Samsung DVD-1080P8 dvd player to go with my Samsung 40 inch LCD 1080p HDTV. It's a great combination. The picture quality of the dvd player is excellent. The player is easy to use. The design is slim and sleek. I love the piano black glossy finish that Samsung uses on a lot of their products. This dvd player is great for anyone that wants to watch their old and new dvd's in high definition on their HDTV.Read full review...


Good purchase, some features need work.

I enjoy the upconvert of DVDs, and the 5.1 digital optical output, as my receiver has no support for audio through HDMI cable for some retarded reason. I don't like that there are no worthwhile DivX VOD sites, but that really isn't Samsung's fault! TIP: When trying to download your activation disc for your player, do not have any slashes in the name of your receiver (I used B/R), these cause the file to be lost, as the file name for the image is your player's name that you assign it... DUH!!!! Also, there is no surround sound from ANY sound output unless you change the factory default from "PCM" to "Bitstream". This seemed rather dumb, as far as I'm concerned, the player should know that if you're actually using a digital connection, that you will most likely have a surround system as opposed to a 2 speaker set-up.Read full review...


Near HD at an SD Price

The Samsung DVD-1080P8 provides a superb "near HD" picture with true progressive scan imagery. Samsung's quality makes it an official NFL product and a great value for any member of the family. Be sure to use an HDMI cable for best results. By the way, COWBOOM is a SUPER seller and I highly recommend you "check them out".Read full review...



Liked the price. It's a great brand. Always have good luck with Samsung. Easy to use, even my 2yr old knows how to operate. I am very pleased with this product and recommend it highly. *******


You Get What You Pay For

This item was purchased refurbished.

Bad: Had a dent in the top of the casing, takes forever to open the DVD tray, take a long time to respond to "Play" from the remote or from the player. Many times it will pause (you will see a blue screen for a moment) during a movie, even when the DVD is spotless.

Good: I bought it for around $30.00 so I didn't lost a lot of money with this purchase, does play DivX movies, DVD+ and DVD- DVD's, and plays all bootleg DVD's I've put in it so far, but didn't play DVD+ double layer DVD's.

Recommend to a friend? Yes, for the money (about $30 off ebay) it wasn't a bad deal since it does play bootlegs. I wouldn't play full price for this product though.
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DVD-1080P8 not compatible with TV

I bought this player to connect to my Samsung DLP HD TV. The TV has DVI input so I'm using an HDMI/DVI conversion cable. This configuration should support 720p & 1080i format, but the DVD is not able to negotiate these resolutions. It will only operate at 480p. Other HD sources I connect to the TV's DVI input are able to support 720p and 1080i. I've sent several email, and spent significant time talking to Samsung CS. They're unable to give me any solution.

I would avoid this player. It doesn't work as advertised.
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good samsung dvd player dvd1080p8/xeu

its a great quality dvd player with sharp images, I like that its small in size very nice with my flatscreen because its slim look. no problems I love it.


What a great investment!!!!

We purchased a 42" samsung flat screen plasma t.v. and dvd player,the picture and sound was soo great i had to have the samsung surround sound system!WOW!!!This unit is GREAT!! the whole set up is truely AWESOME!!! Every thing we have is samsung,I would recomend to everyone!!!! It does not matter what we are watching;sports,movies,nascar,or PS2 the picture is GREAT!!With the surround system on, WOW!!! It is like being at the movies,you can not go wrong with it!
The price and picture is great!!!
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tough consumer

My wife wanted to buy the dvd player, but after I get this dvd player and hitched it up she loves it the greatest advantage it has to offer, is that when working with a samsung hd tv the componets are compatable and the remotes control the volume and other functions. great product- but also remember I have only had it for 4 weeks now. So far so good.Read full review...

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