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Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Time Twister Expansion Pack

I purchased this game for the after schoolers in our child care program. The children are wild about it, and the entire staff plays it as well. They all loved it so much I had to buy a second one so the staff could get a chance to play. This game has lots of teaching concepts, especially in the area of money and math. This game allows the player a chance to build a theme park, solve problems,hire staff,make decisions, build up the park ratings and make tons of money. After we played the game a hundred times or so, we took a field trip to The Wild Adventures Theme park. The children enjoyed the park with a new sense of learning and understanding of how a theme park operates. Would you believe that nine and ten year old children were rating the theme park based on the rules they learned from The Roller Coaster Tycoon game? This is a great game to use in a classroom. As an educator, I would recommend this game to be in the classroom to enhance some of the math concepts.Read full review...



I am a Roller Coaster Tycoon addict. Having said this, you will appreciate it even more when I tell you that this expansion to RCT2 is fun, but it is not the game expansion it could be.

Only about 70MB on a 600MB disc? This could have easily been added to the "Wacky Worlds" disc and =still= have room left for more material.

The box says that there are 14 new scenarios, and other new material. But is it really new? Not that I can see. Although the scenarios are nice, and they are new, they really aren't that different from some we already had.

The "new" coasters are just redesigns of coasters that already exist, but with themes that are similar to themes in the pack. This isn't what I expect when someone says I'm getting a "new" coaster. Rethemed coasters are pretty in the park they were designed for, but are not "new" coasters by my definition.

Some of the rides are just rethemed redesigns of rides we already had. For instance, the "King Neptune" ride is just a themed version of a Scrambler, which we already had in the form of the "Twist".

A couple of the shops are new. There was a couple shops that sold both food and drink, a nice addition for smaller scenarios and parks. But there weren't any really new things here other than that.

Some of the scenery and theme additions are nice, especially the animated ones. I may add a couple of these to parks I'm designing. But that doesn't make this addition any more worth the extra cash. At least this expansion was priced significantly less than the previous one.
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It Improves RCT2 A Lot More!!!!!

This game makes it esier to enjoy RCT2. The game gives you tons of new rides and scenery items. It has new themes covering the whole lame Six Flags theme. The add on levels are OK levels but I have to say that they are better than the original RCT2 levels. If you want to actually enjoy RCT2 then you should consider buying this. Thanks for viewing my guide!!!Read full review...


Tycoon PCGame

we like the PC Game very much I would recomment it great for the whole Familie+very affordable to get for the Price !


It wouldn't let me instal

I thought this game was going to be so much fun but it wouldn't install. Maybe I didn't have the right kind of computer but I thought I did. I have a XP. Think about getting it before you make a bid.Read full review...


Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: Time Twister

I like the fact that you build better themed parks. im just filling in space now. check out twitter it awesome.lalalalalalallalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala


Tycoon Games

I bought the game because my family enjoy playing them. They are challenging and I love the moving 3D effect.

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