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Makes the mid to late 80's sounds. Get one while they're available.

A-Ha, Flock of Seagulls, Howard Jones, Men at Work, The Human League...............
If you're in an 80's band and don't have one of these, you're not there yet.

The sounds are beefier than a 106 , the bass sounds are huge, but it does not have factory MIDI. It can be added from second sources but I wouldn't bother, the action on these holds up well, just play it.
As a plus, the arpeggio speed can be controlled with an external sound source
IE kick drum. Has a built in chorus that is noisy, but is used on quite a few records.
Getting hard to find one in good condition.

If you're playing outside, shield it from direct sunlight. The key weights have been known to un-glue themselves and make a mess. Happened on one of my shows.
Cost $1,800 new and was made for 2 years (82 thru 84). Sell used for $1,000 or less depending on condition.
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Great Buy

this synth is a classic but if i had to chose between the jupiter6 and it i would not blink and take the jupiter6. the juno60 has kind of become the emo keyboard of choice over the last few years and well honestly i dont think most of the people in emo bands realy understand anything about in depth programing a synthesiser. in fact a kawai sx240 can bury a juno60 in many ways. where the juno60 still stands out is with its bass. i mean its string sounds have been so used and used it is pretty hard to get a sound from it wich you can realy call your own now. i wont get rid of mine but if the jup got sick and needed fixing i would sell it to raise the funds. i mean there is so many other synths out there for next to nothing wich can realy do a lot more and set your sound apart from the crowd. however if you are in a band that does eighties covers you would be wise to grab one. why do i still like to play my juno i suppose part of it is that it is hard to make it sound awful beacause it is so simplistic. i mean alot of people say the jupiter is thing but honestly if you can program a synth you can make it sound big and fat. that being said comparing a juno to a jupiter is like comparing apples to oranges. a overated keyboard and a classic staple of electronic music all the same.Read full review...


Great keyboard!

Way way way fatter sounding than the Juno-106. Plus it has the arppegiator. The draw back is that it doesn't have midi, but you can get a converter box. I got this for it's warm huge sound. I like it for strings and textures. It's defiantly a classic and always will be, plus I haven't had any problems with it. It was built solid!Read full review...

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