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Good value100% agree

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Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ---Extended version

I remember seeing this film at the theater when it first came out and I liked it then. A new take on Robin Hood is always entertaining. Even though I've seen this many times since on cable, seeing it again in high definition on a large flat screen with extended scenes makes it new all over again. The price was right when you shop on Ebay, and since they've just asked me to write a review, I'm going to watch it again !!! It's worth the purchase if you're a Robin Hood fan, especially on blu-ray disk.Read full review...

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A must for long-time fans

Spoiler-free review:
The theatrical version is one of my favorite movies of all time, stemming from my adoration of it starting in my childhood. So I am a bit biased towards the film.

The extended edition is a treat for long-time fans of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. This longer version gets you 12 minutes of extra footage with several scenes expanding on the movie; some of which may surprise you. I found some of the extra footage to slow the pacing down from the theatrical version, and thus recommend the extended edition only to long-time fans. Newcomers to the film should definitely watch the theatrical release.Read full review...


One of the best Robin Hood movies

This was one of the best Robin Hood movies of all time. This was not just about a men robbing from thr rich and given to the poor, It was also about a men who left his land trying to find himself. All to come back to his home land to face a grater responsibilty. To lead, to find Love, and to reclaim and restore the peace that he once knew.Read full review...


love this movie!

This is sucj a great film and definitely my favorit Robin Hood film. the only downside, which should come as expected is the the definition even in bluray isnt the best considering the cameras used during the filming versus say Iron Man as of recent. Still looks better than the same movie on a regular dvd!Read full review...


This is the best Robin Hood Movie ever made....

Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman headline a cast of characters that make this movie a KEEPER for anyone's collection... The fast paced action from beginning to end create a never a dull moment for viewing...

I have this movie in regular dvd as well as Bluray High Definition Resolution and I am going to give the regular dvd away to someone in my family... Bluray is the only way to go on this movie ....
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Great Experience. Would shop again here.

Great movie! One of Kevin Costner's better performances.
The music is fantastic. The Story is timeless. I recommend this flick most highly.



Great quality. Awesome extended version which explains some parts of the plot that the original didn't. Great product overall.

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