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One of Disney's Greatest Films

Robin Hood is in the top five of Disney's greatest films of all time. This DVD has bonuses and extras not available to other copies. I wish it was more recognized and Disneyland had a ride based on this animated feature. Prince John and Hiss are Classic. Got to love them.Read full review...

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Came fast and works great!


Robin Hood

One of my all time favorites

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Great movie!

Works great and loved it!

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New, sealed, came promptly

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Walt Disney the very best in family entertainment, and the seller is GREAT!

The original old Walt Disney movies are the very best family entertainment available to anyone anyday, and the ability to own one, more or all is such an honor and a blessing.
I love everything about this movie. The cast that was picked to do the voices of the characters couldn't have been done better by anyone. Just fantastic!
Walt Disney movies old and many of the new quite simply can't be out done by any other industry, producer or the such.
Can't go wrong with Disney!!!
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2006 Disney's Robin Hood Holds Son's Attention Daily!

I chose to buy this movie because my son who at the time was 21 months didn't have much interest in t.v. but we recorded the t.v. version of disney's robin hood, being one of my husband's favorite cartoon movies and it actually held my sons interest one evening... then the next... then the next... we would only watch a half hour at a time, but still. then i thought, okay, i am sick of fast forwarding thru commercials.. lets buy it, and this version got the best reviews, it is definitely crisper than the t.v. version was and the colors brighter. i like how it has auto fast play, to by-pass all those pre-views too. he just turned 2 is this is still the only movie he really wants to watch, we've tried toy story and finding nemo and lion king, you name it, they hold his attention for 10 or 15 minutes tops. this one he anticipates what happens next. i do worry about the violence in it, yeah i know it's a cartoon, but i can just see my son "sword fighting" and accidently "poking someone's eye out" we love it, he loves it.. great movie, watch it almost daily and not sick of it yet.Read full review...


Worth a little extra for my extra awesome son!!!

This is a great movies for kids of all ages! The music and characters are fun and definitely not like today's monsters with all the violence. I bought this for my son after we rented it from the local video store. I wish they still made movies like these where you can feel comfortable letting your child watch it without worrying what they will see or hear.Read full review...


Disney classic

The animation features warm colors, it's done in very good taste and all of the creativity flowing through this movie makes it enjoyable even for an adult.

This was a childhood favorite for me, and because of that I had to give it a new look and I was impressed.

The humor is great, and even the jokes that are cheesy genuinely are funny.

I love this movie, if you like:
Animals, 90's animated films, funny appropriate movies, etc.

Personally, I tend to appreciate dark and vulgar humor more but even I find it funny.

From a kid's perspective:
It may not be great for modern kids but it is certainly a Disney classic. And by far the best lesser known one.
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A True Disney Treasure !! A Must have for ANY Disney fan :D

This movie was definitely one of my favorites as a child, and now I get to watch it with my little girl. It is fun, unique, sweet, musical & Disney at its BEST. I think Disney makes ok films here and there now but I truly believe they are trying to keep up with the classics. The classics are always the most treasured and loved.. Great movie.. a must have for any Disney fan.Read full review...

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