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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

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Not a very sad movie till the very end

Interesting movie about a fellas son who changed may lives for the good.

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Remember me movie

So glad I found this deal on the movie. It was time to start building my DVD collection up again and this was a great purchase

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An Excellent film, so worth watching, a definite Must See!

I'm always late at getting around to watching a movie, but so very glad I heard it was a great movie, so decided to purchase it. Remember Me is absolutely wonderful! To see a movie that is about an "average" human being living thru such normal trials and tribulations so many people go thru is refreshing, the actors did an amazing job, it's a very heart wrenching movie that will leave you with so many emotions. (not wanting to give the end away) It's a must watch, this will be watched by all in the family many times over.Read full review...


Great love story

Held my interest the entire time

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Making a relationship work is not always easy

Tyler (Robert Pattinson) wasn't actually looking for love but love found him when he meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin). Tyler and Ally hit it off in a big way and things are simply beautiful between the couple until Tyler and Ally begin to learn more about each other and the relationship becomes strained. But Tyler is determined to make the relationship work no matter the cost.

This is a heartwarming story of love and loss, it is a realistic look at relationships and how each of us must work to make them succeed.

Also starring in this movie are: Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Pierce Brosnan.

If you love a good romantic movie get this one.
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Remember Me (DVD, 2010)

This movie is saddening and uplifting at the same time. Pierce Brosnan truly stood out in this movie. This movie will get your attention the very first ten minutes. Pattinson proved he can beat out his twlight role. This movie is very emotional and will affect everyone differently. Very watchable.Read full review...


OMG, Amazing!!

I would like to first say that I didn't go see this movie in the theater because I thought it looked so stupid and boring; I didn't want to waste my money on it. So I waited until it was on DVD. BIG MISTAKE I MADE! This movie is awesome!! I rented it from Blockbuster Express and loved it! From the first 5 mins to the end its great! This movie had me in totally surprised at the end because of the ending. I wanted to cry so bad, but I couldn't because I was in shock at what happened!! I never even saw it coming! If I saw it I just knew I had to own it and add me my collection. I love Robert Pattinson anyway in Twilight and I was happy to see him play a whole different role! Great Movie and a MUST SEE!! 5 STARS!!!!!Read full review...


Title is to the point

I will begin by saying that Rob Pattinson definitely has the brooding indie thing down!! He is very talented, and of course, a hottie. His co-star, Emilie DeRaven (sp?) was equally impressive in her role. Pierce Brosnan simply NEVER misses the mark, and he is such a cool guy. The plot seemed rushed, however, and that was disappointing. In short - the characters were believable; transition along the story line was choppy. The story is sweet and sad.Read full review...



I bought this movie for my mother for her birthday. She is 50 years old and really likes the Twilight movies. Edward the vampire in a human role and that girl that was pregnant and later went crazy from Lost. Pretty neat. She has watched it about 2 or 3 times already. So, I suppose the gift went over pretty well.Read full review...


A "must have" film for Rob Pattinson fans!

I primarily bought this DVD just because Rob Pattinson was in it. Turns out this is an excellent movie. Rob is his famously romantic self which made the film all that much better but the acting was great and the plot was wonderful. There was the chemistry between Rob and Emily that pulled the story all together and then the ending...I could bawl right now just thinking about it! I can see a long acting future for Rob if he keeps up like he has been going. I would definitely recommend this film for anyone that loves a good romance movie with a heart wrench ending.Read full review...

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