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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Fast and accurate....

I order this game because I had it before and just bought a new PS3. It is a great deal they offer as well a great game. The game came in sooner then they said so made it better. I would recommend and have to friends to see their deals on their games. TWO THUMBS UP, keep the good work up guys....Read full review...

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Red Dead Redemption

Very good game. For me lacks only that the game speaks only English. The game is excellent.

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Red Dead Redemption includes online multiplayer with a maximum of 16 players per session in an open environment. The user will have an unlockable character instead of Marston, the protagonist of the story mode, and each scheme will increase the level of experience of the player-there are fifty levels-to achieve new weapons, equipment and even new characters. Moreover, as the player raises your level of expertise can unlock new multiplayer challenges.
There are two modes available . Free mode and other competitive The mode includes free games with eight users for each side to be able to participate in games gang hideouts and environmental challenges. In free mode the player can find in cities signals that indicate the immediate commencement of the competitive mode. This begins with the classic layout of the players in Mexican standoff - players facing off in a duel to determine who takes the exit mode and includes items of equipment bands , shootings of all against all and capture the bag. In turn , the way to capture the bag includes three modes of play: "Gold Rush " , where players must take the maximum number of bags of gold you can and take them to the nearest chests ; "Every man for himself " , in which each team has a bag and must defend it; and " I Capture the bag " mode in which there is only one bag and a box for both teams.
In multiplayer mode, users can collect all kinds of equipment that you will find scattered on the ground, using horses and stagecoaches and the "Dead -Eye " mode, which is also available . [37 ] The game includes the option to join the Rockstar Games Social Club that the developer already introduced in Grand Theft Auto IV. [35 ]

With updates as Outlaws to the end, Liars and Cheats and Legends and murderers can increase the online world with new locations, characters, weapons and gameplay modes . The Liars and Cheats Pack can play John Marston and other characters , play Poker and Liar's Dice and explosive weapons rifle is added. With the Legends and Murderers pack can play with characters from Red Dead Revolver, the spiritual prequel to the game, and add the Tomahawk, Indian battle ax used for both melee to throw . The Outlaws to the End pack adds 6 new game modes as strength and allows us to have strengths, attacking climbs to level faster .
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The game came out years ago, but is still fun to play.

I don't have to much time to play games, so I buy mostly used and cheap games. I don't mind being behind the times as the games are as fun now as they were back when they came out. This game was a pleasant surprise as it was still in a good price range, but very fun to play. I have been enjoying it very much, just try to pay attention to the tutorials as you only get one full explanation of each action and then it's hard to get any more reminders as you play.Read full review...


video game junkie

The game came fast I was satisfied with the service and the price is right if you a game junkie get to eBay it agreat site

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An awesome, emotional old west story that keeps you hooked to the very end.

Rockstar's western romp is as powerful as it is fun. The game expands upon the same mechanics seen in GTAIV and improves upon them while giving players an authentic old west experience chronicling the events of outlaw John Marston, which has become one of Rockstars greatest characters alongside Max Payne.

Not unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, there is much to do alongside the main story, and the open-world map is huge and absolutely free to explore. The story itself is an emotionally gripping tale that grabs you at the very end and doesn't let go until the final climatic ending which would sadden even the toughest players.

In many ways I can't really explain just how fantastic this title is, and for any price you pay, it is definitely worth it.
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PlayStation 2 game

Great game

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An amazing game with an outstanding story line. A must play for every gamer.

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Simple and old school.

Plays great on my PS#. Interesting enough to keep my playing and simple and forgiving enough to allow me to progress. Fun stuff.

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Red Dead Redemptiom is an enjoyable west style game

The game is all about the west type movie style. There are missions when you interact with people in every town. You can hunt animals on the west. You can also buy some guns in the gun store. Moreover, you can hunt villains wanted for a reward. You make money by completing missions and helping people around.
The game is very nice, you can go anywhere in your horse all around the west looking for adventure!
Inside the game case, there's a wallpaper poster which is very cool! Not every game out there has that.
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