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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay50% agree

Good value100% agree



its an okay game id give it 2/5
something to kill time and just have as another game


Fun game

This is a fun game to play it is challenging and keeps you interested

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fallout + motorstorm = RAGE

it's been a while since doom3 and quake4. and this is another solid game from ID... the cover boasts 20 awards!

the map and character design is excellent. voice acting & SFX are great. fluid gameplay and controls. enemies jump and climb on the environment, they dodge and summersault to avoid your attacks. you can upgrade your weapons and vehicles. and there are cards to collect and play in a fun minigame.

some of the textures seem sub par when playing on a big screen up close, and lip-synching is off on some dialogue. DLC is always annoying, but if you activate it after your first play-through it will enhance the replay value.
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Rage = Boarderlands + Great Graphics + Smart Enemies - Random Guns - Humor

The goods: Rage has a lot of good things going for it. It has very nice visuals both in enemies, guns and the environments. The game uses extremely large texture mapping which makes everything look more realistic. Also, the enemies are deadly and are very intelligent. You'll be facing against enemies that use cover effectively, as well as the ones that jump around all ninja-style.

The bads: The game has more invisible walls than it should! This makes the gorgeous environments feel restrictive rather than free. In many instances your enemies get more movement freedom than you do. The game doesn't break any new grounds and in many ways similar to Boarderlands (minus the guns and humor).
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Just an awesome game!

This game is just a really awesome game. Even in standard viewing, the graphics are stunning. They kind of remind me of the graphics from Killzone 3, but a lot easier on the eyes.

There are so many elements that really gets you involved and engaged with the story. There are quite a few missions you can go on. Some of the side missions actually help you out in the long run. The weapons and things you can build are some of the coolest Ive seen in a game. The wingstick is definitely a really fun weapon, and being able to build turret drones in the midst of a gun fight is just too cool for words!

Not an open world map, but its really cool how the terrain is really geared towards enhancing the driving experience. A lot of ramps and stuff. Im a little disappointed that the multiplayer is NOT like a regular team death match thing but instead you drive in your cars playing like Twisted metal. It makes sense that they did it that way.

Bottom line is that Im really enjoying this game. Looking forward to see how this story progresses. Really fun game with pretty cool weapons and a lot of scenarios where each is best suited. Cool game that will not disappoint!
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New Features

Detail textures: enabled "Detail Textures" will improve the quality of the textures close by increasing the sampling rate adaptive accentuated. This does not update or increase the resolution of the base textures included in the game, it also improves the perceived resolution and sharpness of them. This requires lots of calculations and is only recommended on processors with 4 cores or more. Disable this feature if you experience performance problems, stability or if the game warns you that is out of memory while loading a map. The "Detail Textures" is under Settings - Video.

Transcoding Test: added a new test that determines how fast you can become compressed textures from the hard disk format to a format suitable for the video card. The higher the score, the faster your PC will offer high quality textures. It is not a traditional test based on a scene from the game and returns screen update speeds minimum, maximum and average depending on the hardware and video settings. The score will not be affected by changing the video settings, only effects the change will have the option of GPU transcoding. The "Test transcoding" is under Settings - Video.

Error messages: if you try to apply video adjustments to a system that does not support them, you can display an error indicating that the system has run out of memory. You can go on, but is recommended to reduce the video settings until the stop error message displayed, or you'll have to restart the game with some lower settings. If you ignore the error and keep playing without changing any settings, you may find yourself with textures damaged or system instability.

Automatic video settings in case of failure: when an advanced video setting does not apply, you can return to a secure fit. The smooth return to NONE if you can not assign a multisample FBO. The texture cache will SMALL if you can not assign more. The detail of the textures will NOT if you can not assign a large table. On failure, these settings automatically return to safe values ​​without the user having to intervene.
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Most people have No clue about making video games..
ID is a slave to the greedy corporation of activision.
Most people are clueless that activision forces ID to make parts for call of duty...READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE GAME!
Back when ID was making doom and wolfenstein activision was still working with stick figures on atari.
Then some how greedy activision made tony hawk for playstation.
This is what made activision able to just buy other companies.
They bought ID and Blizzard and run them like a slave shop!
They do not put any money into anything that can compete against cod..Even though they are involved in many games
made by activision....they won't admit it or tell you..

Anyways this game is very good..I had to give it 4/5 because everyone is drooling over a trash game MW3 and won't have a super online following..
The story itself is top notch..
sound, graphics, all top of the line...
Its still better then call of duty, even though they were involved in making it..
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A WOW game at great, great value. (Anarchy Edition)

This is my second copy. I've played my first RAGE so much that cracks started to appear around the locking hole. I haven,t
opened this one yet, But will have it in
wait for the first to crash. This is the best game that I can truthfully say is
the best one I have played. Have played
a bunch and most are back at Game Stop.
I wish a RAGE 2 would appear I would end
up with another 2 copys. As a retired
person I was getting bored and picked up
game playing from my grandsons and have
gone CRAZY sense then. My next move will
be for the PS4. I hope thay work out the
bugs before market. The only real problem
I have had is getting the sound right and
staying at the same level. But this is a
minor problem to me. My other favorites
include CRYSIS 2 and SINGULARTY. I could
talk about my worse games, But, that is another story. Lets just say that some of
the new ones are just out to get your
money. In other words (as my grandson would say) they SUCK..
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Rage rocks. Take on post-apocalyptic gangs and the evil Authority.

Rage takes you through a post-acocalyptic world, this time destroyed by an asteroid. It has extreme play value where you (I won't give away where you came from) earn credits, buy weapons and other things like hot dune buggies, and clean out pockets of gangs. In the background, there's a force that's trying to rule the whole mess, the Authority. This is a game you'll play over and over.Read full review...


Rent it first.

graphics are amazing. It's kinda like doom but different still to me has a 1990's first person shooter feeling. The best weapon the wingstick pretty kool. The ending was short felt like that ID was getting tired of making the game so they ended on a quick note. I beat it in a week and did most of the side missions I'm sure there is probably more to do but got bored after awhile. Batman by far the best game this year.Read full review...

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