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RCA Small Wonder EZ409HD

Great camcorder records videos and take photos. Next model up from EZ209 in the Small Wonder Series of camcorders. Upgrade includes 2GB Memory Card and Higher Resolution on HD recording setting which makes for clearer picture. Everything else is pretty much the same. So you'll have to decide if it's worth the cost for the card and higher resolution in HD setting.

Recommend however at least using 8GB memory card in place of factory installed 2GB card. This allows over 2 1/2 hours recording time on HD resolution. The 2GB gives about 37 minutes. If you plan to use Sports or Web setting to record then 2 GB will fit the bill allowing plenty of recording time for one outing.

While the Memory Manager software is usable it is lacking in certain features such as being able to pause picture while in full screen mode. You can pause picture in small window and take "EZGrab" photos out of your video. A neat feature.

Also can edit movies with the software. Overall a wonderful camera. Comes with carry pouch, wrist strap, AV Cable to connect to TV, VCR or DVD and AC power adapter cord for chargin, plus USB cord to plug into computer to play and edit videos andviews photos. The camcorder also charges when plugged into USB port on computer. Like the EZ209HD can record while plugged into wall socket. This is a handy feature when taking home videos as the batteries won't run down and need recharging.
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Excellent sellerAAAA++++++++

The RCA small wonder EZ409HD is really small in size but huge in ability.. My wife got it from me as a present and we use it to take excellent shots for the kids and for ourselves every where. It is easy to carry every where. The good thing about it is that you will get excellent results comparable to big video and still cameras. The price also is reasonable to buy such technology.Read full review...


EZ 409HD

I love it my wife was looking for a small easy to use video camera and this is it. It is so EZ to use and is HD so has a great look came with a 2 gb card so ready to work out of the box. You can use it as a video cam or web cam or a plane photo cam 12 mp so photos look great. Very happy with it and would tell all my friends.Read full review...


simple & easy I like the silver finish.

is a nice yideo camara in range price. I wish rca put timer nex time .but for pics is really nice. you can put it in your pocket & battery last long time.
the best thing "the easier camara I ever have really simple tu use.Read full review...


Still #1 with Me

love, love love this camcorder. This is the second RCA Small Wonder i've purchased, my first one was stolen and I am thrilled with this one. Will guard it with my life.

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