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This Is "Must" To Watch Movie, If You Can't Afford To Buy It.

Puss in Boots is really a Great Movie. It's Unique in its own kind. Very different. I was expecting it would just be a Second Class because it's an Annex to a Great Movie Shrek. But I was amazed at the whole thing. It's Just Great. And the 3D, BD & DVD "Have Slight Different Way Of Presentation. I'm talking about their Individual "Extra Features." They Are Intelligently Have Different Twist from one another. You Would Want To Buy It And Keep It. And I'm Sure Antonio Banderas Have Great Contribution In Some, If Most, Of The Extra Twist in The Script. Just Great!!!Read full review...


Good price for a very good 3-D movie

I ordered the Puss in Boots from Ebay because the price was alot better than at the stores. I loved the movie and the 3D was great. I was disappointed it didn't come with the case but that was a minor point which I knew about when I ordered it. I did have a problem twice with the DVD coming out of player holder when I tried to remove the DVD. This does concern me as the last time it went back in the machine and I had a little trouble retrieving the DVD.Read full review...


Puss n Boots is his most suave and debonaire self in this must see movie!!!

My husband and I really enjoyed this movie it was really really cute.The cinementography was really good the plot to the story was really cute and heart felt as well.I think all who watches this will really get a kick out of it,lots of laughs.Puss n Boots is his suave self at his best,so I would have to give it 5 stars and a thumbs up review.Its a MUST SEE movie.Read full review...


WOW! Great movie for children and adults with outstanding 3D effects.

Great movie for children and adults alike, the 3D effects is one of the best I’ve seen so far. I bought this movie thinking it was another 3D movie the children would enjoy watching but after viewing it with my wife and another couple we were totally surprised how good it was, it might be a little mature for very young children but I would recommend it for anybody. If I was in the movie rating business this movie would definitely get two thumbs up!!Read full review...


Great movie to watch on blu-ray and blu-ray 3d

Its a great movie. I loved watching it on blu-ray. the 3-d version is also exceptional. the picture was vivid and clear. It brings home the theater into your personal home. This movie was entertaining for children and adults alike.Read full review...


I will be more cautious next time I do order from Ebay

This was my first purchase from Ebay and when I purchased the Blu-ray I was expecting to get the cover along with the Blu-ray DVD. Now I have a blu-ray in my collection with no cover. I understand that the origional cover said 3D and I did recieve the Blu-ray, it looked much like a copy than an origional. I mean it works and all but I have no cover and was dissapointed that anyone would just send a copy of a Blu-ray saying it was an origional.Read full review...


Awsome movie.

Love the movie, My grandkids enjoyed it as my kids too. very well made, it was great. Well produced and the animation was great.


100% Recomendable

Excelente prodcuto y excelente vendedor. Dicha pelicula tiene muy buenos efectos en 3D. Muy conforme con el vendedor, muy atento y super honesto. 100% recomendable.


Good Movie

I bought this dvd for my son. He has not watched it yet, but I took it to my classroom and the students loved the movie. I was not particularly thrilled with it, but it is a cute kids movie.


One of the BEST Native 3D Movie that Pops out of your TV

I luv this movie and the Special Bonus Three Diablos too. This 3D Movie is THE BEST, 3D Pops out of your 3D TV A Must See Movie for All Ages

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