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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


i love this game !!

his game is awesome !!! takes me back to my teenage years when i would play this to get away & had so much fun by myself lol
..they can keep making "better games" (graphics wise) this is still an awesome game hands downRead full review...

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wrong platform

I thought for sure the site said this was for x-box 360. In fact I would be really surprised to find out it wasn't. When it got delivered I discovered it was for x-box, NOT 360 as I had thought, so it was totally worthless for me. I gave it to my nephew. Very disappointed but nothing to be done for it since it's my fault for not making SURE it was for 360, even though I am almost positive that's what the site said it was for. That's the parameter I had set the search for, so all of my pages that showed up were for x-box 360 only, or so I thought. Next time I will try to make sure not to get burned like this.Read full review...

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good game!!

Good game. I always loved racing racing game and this one is no different. it does have some pretty cool features though.


good game at a good price.

great game. it's a game that gives you a challenge.

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Good but it coulda been better.

While the game itself is fun and great like I remember my original copy being, it does kinda start to suck when you get to the higher end cars, as most of them have little-to-no control/handling given their acceleration abilities. I opened up my old profile from the last time I played it and found that every car above the Delfino Feroce (at least those I was able to unlock) were pretty much undrivable. And with at least 35,000 kudos to go before I got the next best car, I was pretty much out of luck to get a car with better handling that still had great top speed (like the F50, which is 200,000 points to get).

While I'm sure it's POSSIBLE to get that many points and get that car, I don't feel like spending hours doing it. The first several hours of the game are fun though, but once you get to the Delfino Feroce, which I believe is the 75,000 Kudos car, you are not far from where the fun ends, as any top-speed style race you are involved in (tracks with long straight-ways) makes the competition leave the Feroce in their dust, and all the other cars that are high-tier are far too hard to control to try and beat the competition.

Overall I give the game a "Good" rating, as it is fun to play with others and several hours of gameplay for the price I paid ($5 shipped here on EBay) was worth it.
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PGR is the BEST

I realize this game is now considered "old school" in regards to graphics and refresh rates, but Hey! I like it! The cars respond quite realistically although the visible damage is limited. This, however, works great for a an old guy like me that "don't need no stinkin' brakes!" in order to have fun with this game.

I have PGR 2 for Xbox as well and I still prefer this version. I know, when will I get an Xbox 360? Some day Grasshopper, some day...
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crap seller

Bought this game for a gift. not happy with it coming in damaged and having to file a claim.
very very not happy
very very not happy


Great racing game for the average Xbox player

I don't play xbox that often, but when I do I like a game that is basic, fun, and challenging and Project Gotham Racing is all 3. It's strictly about the cars and racing, as opposed to many games out that are about violence and crime. It's a fun, clean game that is great for all ages; pre-teen, teen, and those of us who sometime just need a break from work :)Read full review...


excellent game

the game is great, lots of options on it, i bought it for my 6 and 9 year old boys, they love it, its a easy to get around game, user friendly, easy to understand.


Beware! Adictive game warning!

Only drawback is that you can't just change cars - you have to start over to change vehicles. But very realistic including broken lights and scratches on the paint! If you drive at 100 and smash into a wall no one gets hurt but that's fine.

Some very cool cars with realistic driving experiences!
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