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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Get ready for a fight

Action is the word and a great part 2 enjoyable and a surprise at the ending. Well put to gather, good story line for a #2 since the first one was great but #2 is right there and a must to see to finish this series off. Could easy make a #3 and it would be just as good. DONT MISS THIS ONE.Read full review...

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Predator 2

Good action and great special effects. Danny Glover at his best in a action movie.

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sequel which can stand by itself!

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Predator 2

While fighting a battle with drug lords, a police chief discovers a being that slowly starts to slaughter the criminals in a sadistic fashion. As the invisible hunter kills off the drug lords and fellow officers, the police chief discovers that the visitor, an extraterrestrial big game hunter, has targeted him as its next victim. Although his superiors prohibit him from taking any action, the police chief sets out to end the ordeal. This is a solid action movie with plenty of good scenes. The special effects are amazing. If you like the 1st Predator you`ll love this one as well.Read full review...


Awesome DVD!!!

You just can't get enough of Arnold!!

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Not a Bad Second Predator Movie

This is not a bad follow up movie to Arnold's "Predator".This "sequel" really has nothing to do with the first movie ,except it has another Predator.Instead of being in a jungle,this movie is set in Los Angeles,and works very well.Danny Glover as "Lieutenant Michael Harrington", who is investigating murders he believes is cause by feuding gangs,fits the job as the lead character.Gary Busey also works as "Special Agent Peter Keyes" head of a special task force to capture the Predator.Lots of good action in this movie.Read full review...


Predator 2 Was Excellent!

I liked this Predator 2 so much I had ti get it for my collection. Predator in the city? It's nuts! Danny Glover is this lieutenant who's friend was killed and he is not letting it go. First, he thought a bunch of people and his buddy was killed by gang warfare but soon discovered they were not. What I loved about this movie was his spirit - he hunted and chased the predator down like he was his daddy! He gave it everything he had and you feel it as he chases down this monster and stays hot on his trail. Some parts are OK but for the most part it was action packed, had a lot of blood and gore (you know how predator does it). Poor Busey and his team. And I loved the ending especially. We really enjoyed and it's my favorite predator to date.Read full review...


Glover is Good!!!

Danny Glover can never be as tough as Arnold but at least he can hold his own against a Predator. The movie never really says what the Predator is doing in the city except hunting gangs because of gang wars. The film is still fun no matter if the plot is not masterful or even meaningful. The action is fun and the effects are cool. And it is nice to see Bill Paxton before he was a star. This movie will be hit or miss for most people but I like it. Recommended for any sci-fi fan. 4/5Read full review...


Predator 2 Excellent!!

Everyone should get this movie!! This is a great movie for the entire family.

Bought it for my husband as one of his Holiday gift. He is a collector of the PREDATOR.


Great deals and wonderful service!!!

Thanks, everything came in great. I own a video store in Battle Ground, Washington. It is really nice to find these great deals especially on the older movies that are hard to find.

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