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Good graphics97% agree

Compelling gameplay97% agree

Good value92% agree


A must-have for any Pokemon fan!

I have played through Pokémon LeafGreen, and both versions are excellent! I have not (yet) played the first generation games, but anyone who has should be able to appreciate these remakes of them. Even if you have not played the original games, you should get FireRed or LeafGreen, because they are absolutely worth it.

The graphics look very nice (though the battle sprites would be better with animations), and the game consistently runs at 60 frames per second, and the sound/music is excellent. These games also give you a chance to catch the Pokémon that were in the Gen 1 games and transfer them to later generations as well. Whether you are a casual or competitive player, FireRed (and LeafGreen) are definitely essentials for any true fan of the Pokémon games!

However, you should be careful before buying these games, because MANY fraudulent cartridges have been popping up. The one I purchased is indeed legitimate, and you can often tell by looking at the label. Fake cartridges usually have these giveaways: the ESRB letter is not as bold, the Nintendo logo has the wrong font, the Nintendo seal is incorrect, the background looks different, or there are no stamped letters and numbers on the label.

I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who likes to play Pokémon games, including those who are new to them!
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: eberh.zacha


For anyone new to the series this is where to start!

Gotta catch 'em all! The amazing Pokémon game that kicked off the phenomenon with more color and more features then it's original Gameboy version. A great game that still stands the test of time even after its release over 10 years ago. Fire Red remains to be a crown jewel of the Pokémon franchise and a must play for any Pokémon fan.Read full review...


Games awesome! careful what platform you use it on though..

I bought this to get more variety for the Battle Frontier on Pokemon Emerald, and it works on my GBA SP, but when i tried to play it on the classic GBA it went to the title screen and where it should say "continue" my file was gone! I was pissed, so I put it aside for a few days, then when I tried it again in my SP wa-la my file was back, anyways the only thing about it is, it gave me a scare but otherwise love it and works great now.Read full review...


My go-to guy for Pokemon

With so many fakes out there, YugimonMaster19 knows how to find the good ones. Great product, never have to worry that something is wrong with the cartridges. Thanks so much!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: yugimonmaster19


Worth every penny and more! feels like you get more than what you payed for

Pokémon Fire Red Version is a great game, worth every penny. I bought mine several months ago and have already clocked nearly 300 hours in game play, and I am not even close to beating it. This game puts you in another world, full of action and adventure, and challenges you to problem solve, and strategize through puzzles and labyrinths. it allows you to connect with friends in the real world with this or similar Pokémon games. its great whether you just want to pass time or kick back, relax, and escape to another world that makes you wonder "what if.."Read full review...


You wont regret purchasing this game, by far the best inthe series

I have been following Pokémon from the first game and while I am one of those people who cant break away form the original I would have to say Fire Red is the best game in entire series. (or Leaf Green if you really want a Vulpix) the whole game has been revamped and the after story is great, you get all the Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. In addition you get alonger Team Rocket story line onto the sevii Islands where you also have a chance to capture legendaries from the other games as well. If I had to chose the best Pokémon game of all time It would be Fire Red/Leaf Green followed by HG/SS, I may be an original Red/Blue fan but I would say this version is a lot better than the original.Read full review...


This is an awesome game!

Pokemon: FireRed Version is exactly as advertised. It retains the experience you get from the original Pokemon: Red Version (or should I say the Japanese Pocket Monsters: Red Version), but it also adds the Sevii Islands in the story as well as in-game mechanics from Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire Versions. Yes, you can battle Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. However, trading between FireRed/LeafGreen and Ruby/Sapphire or Emerald will require a pattern of certain events to occur.Read full review...


For fans of the original

This is a new and improved version of the original red version for gameboy. Same exact map and gameplay. Pick up an ags-101 and enjoy!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: boechribo


Works Well

Works as expected and came in a very timely manner. Great buy.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: br1m5t0n3


A great game! [Details on fake versions of games]

I enjoyed playing previous versions of Pokemon so I got this version quickly. Pokemon Firered is a remake of Pokemon Red. Awesome graphics and hours of fun!

A few stuff you should before purchasing a copy is that the Pokemon Firered versions that say "Player's Choice" on the box do not come with the Wireless Adaptor.

If you are purchasing Firered on Ebay, please be careful. Many sellers are known to sell bootleg (unauthentic, ungenuine, fake, etc.) versions of it. Please read the following links provided to help you decide if a seller is selling a real or fake version of a GBA game.

This one had the most info on bootleg GBA games:

[Scroll down the page until you see the section titled "Identifying Bootleg / Pirated Gameboy Advance (GBA) Games" by Nephilim]

Also very informational:

About counterfeit games in general, not just fake Pokemon ones:
[The pictures were helpful (click on the pictures to see them larger)]

It's a forum page, but still helpful if you read the comments:

IMPORTANT! Image of many of the fake pokemon games that were sold (mostly on Ebay):

I'm sorry that this review doesn't describe much of the game itself, it is just that it bothers me to see so many people bidding on bootleg games. Please read other users' reviews for details on the game or search the game on Google and Wikipedia. I hope that this review will help somebody spot authentic games. :D

Edit: 8/7/10- Sorry, I had forgotten that I posted the picture of the fake Pokemon games so I moved it. I updated the link just in case this was still of use to people. Searching fake/bootleg Pokemon games on Google Images lets you see more pictures of them. As you can tell, I was pretty paranoid about fake games. I loved Pokemon games way too much to risk buying a bootleg one, haha. Thanks for reading. I hope you learned from the links I posted or got a kick out of all the fake games that exist. Either way, happy bidding and have a nice day. :)
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