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Beauty in the form of sweeping content & saturated hues

This is a movie for children as well as adults. It's Beauty lies in its content based on the widely accepted transformation of social history steeped in the biographical/legendary material surrounding the life of Pocahontas.
The most powerful visage of Pocahontas is in the color hues that powerfully reflect the moods of the story. This original Disney feature, while developed for children with an emphasis on truth telling as we know it for this brave American Indian and icon, is after all a children's movie, with quite a bit of jocularity that doubles as a tool to reach children and spark perhaps an intellectual response to its historical perspective.
This original Pocahontas transforms itself from a movie into the realm of film making for children.

I have not as yet viewed the 2nd story to the original.
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This movie has a strong & smart female character. I don't want my granddaughter watching Disney princesses throwing themselves around crying. Pocahontas nicely tells all those guys what's what.

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Wonderful children's movie! My children loved it and now my granddaughter loves it!

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Like new!

Great to have this one in our family's collection. Disney is King! Fast, easy seller. Thanks.

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Beautiful inspiring music, fun cartoon, Mel Gibson sings

It has lots of star power, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, Linda Hunt, Russell Means. It was well commended, Russell Means felt the Native Americans were finally truthfully represented.
The music was amazing. The Colors of the Wind won Academy Award, as did film for Best Musical or Comedy Score Mel Gibson has beautiful song, that got cut from theater version because true love declaration inconsistent with sequel plot
Plot is cartoonish, but it is a cartoon. Doesn't claim to be historically accurate, Pocahontas was somewhere between 10 & 14 yrs old, not a young woman, heroic act of shielding John Smith was first time she saw him, cartoon has them courting for some time. But it is a really beautiful, fun movie. My 9 yr old grandson was watching his own DVD,saw over my shoulder but got engrossed & demanded I get him Pocahontas II tomorrow but he found it on Netflix
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It's great

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Great story and excellent bonus song

The movie itself is great! The only issue that it freezes at one scene but I'm going to get it cleaned. Other than that it was worth the money.

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Great movie



Love this classic Disney movie

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Good condition

Nice addition to my Disney collection.

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