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Very happy with this great purchase for my son!!

I bought this for my son as he decided he needed a new one besides my castoff. (It wouldn't hold a charge.) This one, however, holds a great charge! I was really impressed with that. The sound is good and the features are perfect for my boy. The shuffle button could be in a different place since we don't use it (creatures of habit) and my son keeps hitting it when he goes for the other buttons. But we are very happy with this mp3 and I really think we'd get another one. And the price was great!Read full review...


Philips Gogear mp3 player

The mp3 player is very compact so it is perfect to take on the go. The features are very easy to use. The sound quality is very good. It works great. It has a nice sized screen even for it's small size. It's very easy to read. It holds a lot of songs for it's size. It is very easy to download music to. Overall, it's a great little mp3 player.Read full review...


Philips GoGear SA3025 (2 GB) Digital Media Player

1st thing is the item is of very average quality. All in all it meets most of my expectations. Nice and easy to use, simple to download music, nice display screen, and great am fm radio feature. However when using the radio your headset volume is extremely low. I would really stay away from low cost mp3 players and this ones on the top of my list.Read full review...


is in great condition!

is in great condition! 've buana resolution, good audio, easy to use, and very comfortable. I have not had the opportunity to fully review


Philips GoGear Sa3025 Digital Media Player

I actually found the SA3025 Philips GoGear Digital Media player to be a very user frendly product. I had purchased the player used, with manuals, and from out of the box it connected through my laptop with out a problem, sinkng was a snap, battery life of the unit is exellent, i get about 8 hours of usage before it needs a charge, its funtion keys are easy to use and is packed full of settings that are easy to use. If this is your first media device or your buying a new one i would suggest gettin gg this gem, the video screan is not difficult to view and has a very clear picture.Read full review...


Great for simple MP3 player.

I love this item. It's extremely easy to use, and is exactly what I was looking for when looking to buy a cheaper MP3 player. I didn't need one with all the bells and whistles for how little I use it. I mostly just listen to it in the car.

The battery lasts a long time and the set up instruction CD made it extremely easy to set up and use. I was using it within 3 hours of getting it out of the package.

Highly recommended for someone who's not extremely computer savvy, and just wants a simple MP3 player.
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Good mp3

Good mp3 player, easy to use and really small, and the price it's really good! Plus free shipping! Great!


love my mp3 player

This is a great little mp3 player it has so many options ans i love the screen, being able to go through the playlist and find the song i am looking for is awsome. you can store and share video and pics. there is a mic and and equalizer. this in my opinion makes this a better mp3 player than the ipod shuffle by far!! The battery chargesfast and holds a charge for along time. YAY PHILIPS GO GEAR!!!!Read full review...


Great product for the price!

Great product! Small in size, so it's easy to carry around, plenty of storage space, and has a good sound and nice screen.


Good price

I actually bought this one to listen to music in the car with cassette adapter, but my roommate loved it, and he is using always. Its very cheap but functions well. In this price level, most of the players do not have any screen, but this one has a screen, can playback video.

Only problems is we it seems to be sorting all songs in the folders alphabetically so it may take some time to navigate specific song. But for this price, it is very good.
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