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Impressive player with great sound has some flaws but overall a good buy

The surround sound system sounds great with excellent bass response, there are a few issues however. This item claims it is wireless, not so. The rear surround speakers are wired the wires then go into module which communicates with the bluray player (base unit). The other issue is the bluray player will not play netflix blurays. I called both panasonic and netflix nothing can be done. Panasonic said the issue lies with the discs being copied.(burned) not being the original. Dvds look great howeverRead full review...


Unbeatable product for the price

Absolutely love this home theater system. The surround sound is fantastic and I love the wireless rear speakers. It was also a breeze to set up. Was done setting it up in less than 15 min and I didn't even need the instructions to do so.Read full review...


Great product. Worth it...

I ordered the center speakers and it is exectly as expected.
very nice piece and suitable for my living room :)

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