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I love Lumix cameras. I have 6 or 8.

I have 2 FH20's which are small and have fairly good image quality with 14mp. I also have an FH25 which is similar with 16mp. I would like more zoom but the 8x is ok. MY FAVORITE ALL-TIME CAMERA IS a ZS5 with 12.1 mp and a 12x zoom. I'm on my second. Beautiful pics w great image stabilization. I have a zs40 w 18.1 mp. *Problem is they were never able to improve on the 12.1 mp. (It's a long story) Get a used ZS 5 OR 6 if you can find one or a ZS40 or 50 if you have the money. You will be glad you did. But, less is more here, and the 12.1mp is perfect. Don't spend more for 16 or 18mp; you WILL NOT like the pics better. If you want a ZS50 and don't have the money you will love a used zs5. I do.Read full review...

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shadow on the screen

i open the box after few weeks, because l was out of the country, l come back a week ago, l turn on the camera and appear a white shadow on the screen, and then gone, l think was late to return, of l put in the trash can, was for a Gift, l turn on and off a few times an looks the same problem .after 5 days i turn on again and dosent appear the shadow, but, it was another problem , not clear picture. so it was when i put in the trash canRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: libertystore


Favorite Digital Camera

Package was complete and all that I wanted. A friend broke mine and I was devastated; loved my camera. Went to eBay found exactly what I wanted and it was delivered promptly. I tell everyone about how pleasant this whole experience was, including what a great price I got for such a treasured item.Read full review...

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Exactly what I was looking for.

Easy to use, lots of great features. It is exactly what I was looking for in an every day camera. I don't know where you can get a better camera for the price. 14 mega pixels and an 8 x optical zoom with a 28 mm wide angle.Read full review...


A very good buy!

This purchase was to replace the same model. It was, unfortunately, defective. In retrospect, it was probably defective when I purchased it.
I am very happy with this replacement. The features and price on this model make it an attractive purchase for me. I find I use it more than my full size model, (different brand).Read full review...


Great little camera

I have had eight digital cameras over the years. Two Panasonic Lumix, one Kodak, two Nikons, two Gateway and a HP. This Panasonic is the best of them. I have just had it a little over a week but it takes photos faster than any digital camera I have ever had. The photos I have taken look great. The video is very good also. A very easy to use camera. If that is what you want this is the camera for you. I got a refurb for around $106 with free shipping. The battery seams to last a long time but I ordered a second one.Read full review...


Excellent, solidly built camera that outperforms it's price range.

This is a very good camera. It is particularly good, better than the newer model DMC FH-25 (which I also own) in very low light. Panasonic Customer Service people are great. I had a particular low light question about my newer model so I called them and they researched it with their engineers in Japan before calling me back with specifics.

It turns on very quickly, has great burst speeds and an exceptional zoom for a small compact camera. The Intelligent Auto button on top is a great feature that can make anyone look like a professional. The Macro features work well and produce very detailed pics. This camera is simple to use and easily mastered. I think this is a can't miss purchase.
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Wonderful little camera for the price!

What a great little camera! I have had about a half dozen digital cameras since my first Minolta Dimage5 in 2000.
This little instrument has 14 MP and an 8X optical zoom plus several manual settings. There are two Auto settings and the "IA" never seems to fail. I have taken a lot of pictures in the last dozen years mostly with manual settings but this camera is smarter and more consistent than I am. The one feature missing is the LED only. No optical viewfinder. I bought a refurbished for a little over $100. To see my work go to - full review...


Panasonic DMC-FH20 14.1 megapixels Digital Camera

So far I love everything, but Im still learning the camera. I take a lot of Macro shots, and it has a special feature just for that, so I'm happy.
Color stays vivid at close range shots, Zoom feature is great. Normal pictures are awesome.
It has many features to have fun with. Best of all, it's easy to use
I looked at the comparisons on line to see what one shot camera rated best for year 2010, and the Panasonic fh20, was high in the top 10 best camera list
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Good, solid beginners' camera!

This is a great camera in its' price range...clear, crisp pics and enough settings that are easy to use...the frames setting was a lot of fun on a recent family vacation.
The video setting with sound has good quality.
60 second open lens was lots of fun during the latest meteor shower!
A good, solid beginners' digital.
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