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Best series I have ever read!

This is an outstanding book. I had to purchase this copy, because my daughters and I wore out the hardback edition! The book is so richly detailed and the charicters so vivid, that when I read it, its almost like I'm dreaming, sounds silly but its true. The story line is very interesting, and the author has written many more in the series, so tje serieskeeps you entertained for years. Although I have read it twice, I still cannot keep all the events and charicters straight, so im reading it again. I am an AVID reader and this is by far the best series I have come accross. This particular book has a bit of a slow beginning, takes off in ch 4&5.Read full review...


Captivating! Be ready for the J&C addiction club!

This is the start of the most excellent series of books I have ever read! Diana Gabaldon's style of writing is awesome! Every word is placed where it is for a reason. You could read this book and not another but I wouldn't advise it, Outlander lays most of the ground work for books that were written years later. Captivating to say the least. Gabaldon makes these characters come alive. If I were to meet Jamie or Claire tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised. Addicting from the 1st page of Outlander all the way through to her latest in the series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. To date there are 6 "meaty" books, with more to come! There is also a few short stories about different characters you will meet and a Companion to keep everything straight! Without a doubt start reading this book today! You won't be able to put it down. This is not a cardboard cut out which you can tell what is going to happen next. I laugh, I cry, I scream at some of the things these beloved characters do and go through. I couldn't put it down though. Gabaldon's writing will take you through the greatest love ever written about. Through murder and witch trials, through child raising and rape, from the monastery to the prison holes. Spying and bootlegging, round and round you will go and never want to get off! What I have written here doesn't even come close to describe how awesome these books are I hope you try them and see for yourself the speechlessness that comes when trying to describe this adventure. Thank you for reading! ChrissyRead full review...


Outlander-1st in series

If you love historical romance, intrigue, mystery, betrayal, time travel, twisted plots- this is THE book for you. Diana Gabaldon spins a wonderful tale and one can't help but be caught up in the lives of Jaime and Claire Fraser. This is the first of the series and each one is just as good as the first. Diana Gabaldon thoroughly researches the historical aspects, such as the Battle of Caledon and brings the reader right into the fray. Once you read this book, you will be hooked and itch to get your hands on all of the books in the series just as soon as possible. Extremely well written and am addicting read.Read full review...


Missing page Not happy about that

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awesome, a must read, very addictive.

wonderful historical fiction novel with a beautiful romance mingled in. This is a very long book, over 700 pages. HOWEVER, you won't even realize it is so long. The story is so well told and detailed you can see and almost feel and smell the story as it unfolds.Read full review...


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Fantastic first in Diana Gabaldons series. If you love history but not the dryness of history books - this is perfect! I learned about Scotlands early history as well as the American revolutionary war days and patriots. Crosses many genres and well worth the read.Read full review...


Great book!!! Very intense romance story... charming!

This book was recommended to me by a friend. The first 200-300 pages can be a little slow... but you need to give it a chance... after that it is great!


I'm very pleased with my book.

Book is in very good condition. Now I have my own book and can return borrowed book to my friend(LOL).


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (2005)

I had not had time to read in years. I had to call my son and ask what books are good on todays market because I had a need to stay awake around the clock to moniter a sick friend and nothing to occupy my time except reading. He suggested this book and it was excellent.Read full review...

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