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Good value100% agree

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Very intertaining!

I already had this movie and was wanting to watch it again but couldn't find it so I reordered it. Then I realized I had loaned it to my friend and she loved the movie too! :) So I let her keep it! I didn't know it was LDS when I originally ordered it but that made no difference. It is a great movie.Read full review...

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The Other Side of Heaven

It's about a young missionary sent to an island not far from Australia. He must learn the language as the people of the island don't speak English. He is given a bilingual companion to help with interpretation during his first year. His theology and hymns used in this picture seem to be that of Methodist or perhaps Baptist. Since this was based on a true story the events he experienced and passed through are quite realistic. Biographies are particularly interesting to us as we know most of the events actually happened and therefore the movie is more realistic than some based on fictional novels. The young man was quite successful in his work. Has a happy ending.Read full review...


Good True Story and Inspirational film

I saw the movie, and bought an additional copy. I love true life stories put on film, especially ones that inspire and leave you with a feeling of happiness. This is a good movie, that expresses the devotion of a man's love and dedication, a truly compelling love story. But, this love story exists not only between a man and a woman, but between man & God. Even for those who are not "into" religion, this story is far more than that. It displays one's feelings of fear, uncertainty, strength, friendship and faith. It shows you the life of a young man who ventures our on a mission, faced with the difficulty of acceptance in another world, facing the storm (life's & weather), rebuilding and flourishing by his belief and love of one woman and faith in God.
I bought this movie as a gift for my nephew and new wife, who too are going to be venturing out in the mission field. I hope they find it as compelling and uplifting as I did.
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A Mission call to serve the Lord.

A great movie for members of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. A mission call and the story of love across many miles. A very heart warmig portrayal of mission life and the results that can happen for the faithful.Read full review...


The Other Side of Heaven

I have looked everywhere for this DVD and could not find it. I'm so glad that e bay is available for this reason. This movie is a great movie about the missions that the young men and women go through sometimes while on their missions and made me very humble. The only thing I would have liked better is if it had come in a regular DVD box for storing and adding to my other DVD's the holder it came in is to easy to get misplaced so I put it in a DVD box that I purchased from a movie store.Read full review...


Other side of heaven

I saw this movie before I bought it; this is a great movie about a missionary serving in Tonga. It was very touching, but not overly dramatic; I thought it was very appropriate for families or kids alike.Read full review...


Wonderful movie for the whole family!!

This is a beautiful movie...fine actors, wholesome story, gorgeous scenery. It has you laughing, and crying, and on the edge of your seat with excitement. Romantic, without any sleaze, and even some historical value. It leaves you feeling good about the time spent watching it. Highly recommended!!Read full review...


Title implies Hell, not what the movie is about.

I was told by a friend that it was a good movie. I really liked the movie and the strength, character and determination of the young missionary. I decided to buy it because, the price was low enough to warrent buying it, rather than renting it, because I like to watch movies that I enjoy, over again at a later date. It is a movie that I will watch again.Read full review...


The Wrong Side of Heaven...

This movie is indeed a touching romance people in love who have to be separated, specifically about missionaries. I think it was Di$ney's answer to "The End of the Spear". It too is based on a true story. It's really the story of a Mormon who goes where he doesn't want to, loses touch with the folks in Salt Lake City and so get's a chance to actually serve... until they figure out he isn't doing it by the book and call him home. Traditional evangelical and fundamental Christians (the kind who still send out missionaries) will not care for that part of the story. It doesn't hold a candle to stories of true loss like "End of the Spear", but to those who have never had to give anything up (or to Mormons), it must seem quite touching.Read full review...


Great movie

This is a great movie. The whole family can watch this. The story/plot is very interesting. It didn't end the way I thought it would. It's about a mormon missionary, but the story could be about any other denomination of missionary. I pray you enjoy it as much as I did. GOD BLESS.Read full review...

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