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Good graphics94% agree

Fun94% agree

Good value94% agree


Retro and works great

My sons has gotten into the history of game platforms. This was a great item to start his blasts from the past collection. It worked just as described, just as easy to use as if it were new.


Easy to carry cheap to use!

Excellent system, easy to use, light weight, only uses 2 AA batteries, nice viewing area not complicated for young children.


Best Console, Hands Down!

Best hand held GBA console ever made, hands down! Everything about it is made just right. One thing it lacks is a front or back lit LCD screen. Other than that, everything performs top notch, and I have yet to see any problems going bad with these after almost a decade since they've been released.

One thing you can do though is install a GBA SP front light inside these GBA console. There's tutorials if you Google. You'll experience the colors a little washed, but it's no biggie. I did it to mine, and I love playing mine in the dark. And looked as if it comes from the factory with that front light. :D
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portable, nostalgic, and easy to use.

This is almost antique. That saying, I have a hard time finding games for them for cheap. as for the actual console, it works great! better than I expected and it runs on AA's so I don't need a charger. :) good buy for me.Read full review...


good system but could be better

Its a very good system however thares a issue to game loading you might have to blow into the system and game and or pres down a litte hard but other than that it still works good after all these years thares no backlit screen and it takes two double a batteres but if you want to play in the dark buy a light acesseroy and it will let you play in dark areas althoe I bought this thing for $31 its more worth $5 but its still a good system but if you want a backlet screen get a gba sp if you want something that's the samething but don't want to blow or prese down the cart into the system or if you want a blacklet screen but less featuers go for a gbm what I mean by features is that its backwords compatable with gb,and gbc games overall good system if you like old school games and that's the reveiwRead full review...


If only I could see

Received this game and when I turned it on I couldn't tell if it was on! The screen was so dark you could not play a game! 2 of the 5 games would not play at all !

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Gamebody advance is great. Only problem is lighting... But it's an oldschool system, great for it's time. The only downfall I have with it is that for the first couple weeks it would just shut off with no warning. I put some toilet paper in the battery pack to tighten the batteries, and have not had the same problem since. I really enjoy playing some of the old school games. Great deal for someone who wants to play them cheap.Read full review...


Works like I wanted, and I love it!

I bought this system because I wanted to be able to trade Pokemon from one Game Boy Advance game to another (i.e., Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen). It was not available in stores, and I think I got a good deal buying used. I have been able to trade Pokemon using this and another Game Boy Advance System. My only problem is that the screen is darker than I like, and there is no way to make it brighter.Read full review...


Great handheld console!

this is my favorite handheld gaming console ever! the design is superior to gameboy advance sp, the only downfall is that the screen has no light source at all.



EXCELLENT PRODUCT... ALWAYS IS!! I Purchased six products (all the same) for my 6 children for christmas! I won i purchased from an ebay store is BY FAR the most reliable and at the price i p[urchased it for i would have been further ahead to purchase them all from an ebay store!! Excellent product from an excellent store!! AAAAA+++++++Read full review...

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