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Good graphics94% agree

Fun93% agree

Good value94% agree


One of the best hand-held gaming devices out there

The graphics are great, and the speakers are far superior to earlier models. Easy & comfortable to hold and play in the hand, and wonderful features.
Highly recommended for gamers of all ages!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: sassydaddy321


DS Plus a case AND 25 games!! Cant Beat It

This item came FAST and included all items listed! Besides a few cosmetic scratches that the seller disclosed this item is in great condition and works perfectly!


Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: vputorek


Great value for your buck

This system is by far the best that Nintendo has made. From a technical side of things. Very easy to use, very nice size screen & not to heavy. Colors and Quality of the system are also up to par. Games for this system range from 7 to 29 on ebay. if you look around the site you find very good Mario & Zelda Games at a very low price.Read full review...


Awesome Buy, with the games!

This D SI XL Midnight Blue keeps my attention focused on the using it all the time. Although have not had one of these before. It is awesome.

It's the next best thing to my PSP. Keeping a portable game in my pocket affords me to enjoy gaming any time I want.

It takes some time to adjust and get use to all of its functions. But over all, the system is worth having.
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If I buy something that says NEW I expect the item to be NEW

I thought I was purchasing a new game. I bought it for my grandchildren. We quickly found the game to be used. The game had personal pictures of the family who previously owned it. I dislike the fact that the picture of the man in bed was seen by my granddaughter. I was able to read the owners manual and reset the game. The children are now enjoying the game. I don't know how it compares because I don't have any other experience with other games.Read full review...


The DSi XL is the best of all.

This is the very best of Nintendo's hand-held systems if you aren't ready to buy the 3DS.

Very large library of games. Big clear screen, touch screen is accurate. Great for someone who needs glasses to game. :-)

Stylus is easy to use, and fits securely into the system case.

For the money, it beats the smaller DSi in every way except for being bigger and heavier in comparison.

I'd suggest using a screen protector and a skin because it will scratch easily.

All in all, if you want a nice handheld system, JUST BUY IT!
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Just what he wanted!

Bought for a little boy who has a brain tumor. He is very happy with the DSi and the games! And I loved the great price! Thanks!!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: twobrothersgames


Nintendo DSI

Just as pictured. In great shape and arrived in a timely manner.

Good Value

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: bestdealsd


GReat Console

This is a great upgrade from the first Nintendo DS. The picture taking capabilities is wonderful. The factory installed flipnotes and Brain Age games adds an extra appeal. You can chat with other DSis in the area, including the charming pictochat with lets your draw pictures and send them back and forth, changing them as you go. The only downside is its lack of power when it comes to the internet. Its os is Opera, which is not compatible with Adobe Flash, so something as simple as watching a video on youtube is impossible. Overall, this is a gaming system and not a handheld computer, so don't expect the world of it when it comes to the internet.Read full review...



Product plays very well-crystal clear color. The buttons are all working well AAA+++...My grand son is having a blast. Thank you for making a truly great product-Pat

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