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Good graphics92% agree

Fun84% agree

Good value76% agree


lightweight but not good just for parts only

I don't want it if its for parts only thanks cansel order I need one that works so cansel this order

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Exactly what I ordered. Everything was working right or of the package

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Kids really enjoy playing with it.

Our Kids really enjoy playing there new dsi, Thank you

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Phenomenal product! Color is unique (was exclusive to asia)!

I was getting tired of having the same boring black DS as everyone else. Mine original DS had a scratched screen so it was time for a new one. I love how lightweight and easy to carry the system is. Slipping it into a purse or a backpack adds no noticeable weight. The graphics are great with the newer games! The older the game is, the worse the graphics appear. I love that it is compatible with gameboy advance games because as an avid gamer it lets me play my old games.

Sadly, the stylus likes to slide out easily with wear, which means styluses are often lost and it's hard to replace them in the Lite Ice Blue. The buttons wear out like any DS but there are plenty of places to get them repaired fairly inexpensively. The headphones slot has nothing to cover it, so it is bet to invest in some sort of plug to keep it clean.

Compared to the Nintendo 3DS, I find that the original DS Lite is a better buy. The only difference between the two is that with the 3DS your old games look a little crisper, you can play the 3DS games (which most are not actually 3D), and the 3DS has an internet browser and a camera. When I am playing video games I don't need to take pictures or surf the net - I want to play my game. So I see the DS Lite as a better buy and much less expensive.

WARNING: the ice blue DS looks very blue in the pictures. It is in fact a lot lighter, almost a pale minty blue. It seems to be a universal issue when taking pictures of it.
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youll get bored, its boring

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Great fun. Kids love it.

This is great. Very easy to use and fun. I would refer anyone to this. Great value. Love that you can use new and old nintendo games. Charges well. Also like that the pin has a spot to store inside gaming unit.Read full review...


Excellent buy.

I bought this item for my little girl for xmas and she liked soo much. I have had a play around with the DS Lite and like the ease with which it comes with.
I find it very easy to use so does my little girl.
I would recomend it to every one.
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I found something I could play the stuff I know about.

I work at night and sometime we have alot of down, I need something to stay busy in the mean time. Nothing is better for me the old Mario games with some brain games too. I have something like this for my boys. But I didn't think of something like this until my husband had an idea about it. He was saying since I like the old games I should get the nintendo kind because it will have it all. I have seen the PSP and the games to easly broken or scrath, the ninetndo game are more compack. And you can also put 20 games on one game. I have had this foe 3 weeks now, I love it now if I could only keep my co-workers off of it.Read full review...

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