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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


Good as used can be

Nice camera. Works fine. Was a gift for a family member who otherwise was borrowing mine. Was owned by a smoker and smelled like it BAD, but it cleaned up with sterile wipes and soaking straps in deodorant soap.

All n all a good purchase
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Verified purchase: No


great starter camera

lovely camera take great pictures. Bought it for my son and he likes it a lot. Its easy to follow screen nicely introduces aperature and all the nuiances of camera talk for beginners. He has taken many great photos. It would have beeen nice to get an SD card.Read full review...


Beginner Photography

I am a beginner in photography. This camera has been a great camera to start with - easy to use and light to carry around. Once I get better at taking pictures and using the camera, I will buy a newer camera, but will always keep this one. I wish I can give a better explanation on the technical aspects of this camera, but as I said I am a beginner.Read full review...


Good Stared SLR camera

Good Basic Starter SLR Camera. Easy to use and learn from. May want to purchase additional lenses or lens enhancers. Make sure your purchase comes with a lens cap, mine didn't. Overall great camera.



LOVE the Nikon N40. Got much bang for the bucks!! I use it everywhere I go..indoors..outdoors..low lighting..extreme lighting...doesnt matter, this is a GREAT camera!! Light weight..easy to use! I switch through all the modes to accomodate my preference. Couldnt get a better camera for the price!! Awesome buy!!Read full review...


For me, D40 is still the king among DSLRs, in terms of image quality

This was my first DSLR. I had it for couple of years, then decided to upgrade to a newer Nikon model. After my upgrade someone told me: what happened to your pictures? They don't look as good as before. I thought that I was doing something wrong with camera settings. After long research and comparisons of many cameras I came to conclusion that Nikon D40's image quality is the best of all DSLR's, even today in 2013. Now I have D40 back and don't even think about upgrading it.
I know, new cameras are best D40 in every test chart shooting and in dynamic range. But I don't take photos of test charts, I take photos of life around me, and for my taste D40's capture of life is the best of all DSLR's I've seen.
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If you left SLR photography for digital point-shoot, look at used DSLR.

first DSLR for us, but the learning curve is so simple! On full auto, it is like my Pentax ME-Super from 1980...dial in some of the manual modes, and the in-viewfinder info makes taking over the reins seem easy. We are old-school enough to turn off the LCD info/preview screen, and are learning not to look for the film-advance lever with my thumb.
If you ever had a 35mm SLR back in the day, and have been content with a point-n-shoot for decades like I have, you owe it to yourself to at least look at a DSLR. The in-viewfinder framing, lens swapping, fast focus and frame rates...it all makes chasing higher megapixel capability and shirt-pocket size seem, well, dated. And this was a great starter DSLR for us, being a Nikon and coming with the lens it did.
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Use the best if you want the best!

One of the best and simply easy to use DSLR cameras anyone could ever use. I have tried several other brands of digital cameras and i personally feel that Nikon cameras and lenses are far superior to all others. I currently own and use three Nikon DSLR's. I do wedding shots,graduations,dances,birthdays and every other special occasion that could possibly come up and do it with ease and exelent quality by using nikon products. And people do appreciate quality and pay a premium price for exelent quality. I don't think i need to say anymore. If you want quality take the Nikon camera challenge and prove it to yourself.Read full review...


A great choice for both experienced and inexperienced.

This is my first DSLR. So, my background and experience in photography is very minimal. However, if you're trying to decide between a basic point and shoot camera or step up to a SLR, this is a very good choice. You can use it as a simple point and shoot or expand your skills with the flexibility of this Nikon D40. It's very well built, and operates flawlessly.Read full review...


Timeless classic, now more affordable than ever. I love my D40!

Although this camera is more than 5 years old as of 2012 and it shoots a 6mpix, it is more than ever a great buy. Depreciation has allowed this camera to fall to as low as $300 with an included 18-55mm zoom lens (I actually paid less!). This is a great camera for beginners to learn full digital photography including manual controls and Digital SLR basics. If you want better image quality for reprints and fancier features there are plenty of more expensive cameras but for sheer entry level fun I don't think you can beat the D40. I have owned many good pocket cameras from the major Japanese companies and the image quality of this camera is quite a lot better especially in close-up portraits. In "auto" mode this camera literally cannot take a bad picture. Oh, and did I mention that the D40 can take many add-on lenses. I'm in love with my D40!Read full review...

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