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Just right

It's great and it's just as described! I love it and I have taken lots of pictures with it!! Super easy to use and has lots of features!


Nikon Coolpix S60, over-hype or legitimate performance?

This was a present for my wife, who was infatuated with the diverse features the camera advertised to have. I have to admit that even I was anxious to see what the camera could do when I heard about it's capabilities; flip-screen view, touch-screen options, in-camera photo editing & writing, etc. But marketing ploys aside, there is a legitimate concern about what the camera can really do and how it compares to other digital cameras. Here is an objective look at the Nikon Coolpix S60, and what Ashton doesn't mention in the ad's.

The PRO'S:

The camera is just as fun as you've heard. MASSIVE screen which you can flip to view photos in another perspective (although it serves no practical purpose since the photo becomes smaller to accomodate the rotated view). You can add diverse fun-frames for any occasion, edit the photo in the camera (including photo zoom, photo crop), and even add extras to photos like mini hearts or thought bubbles, or write on the picture itself. Also, any changes you make to a photo, the camera will save the original and edited copy. The camera is fairly user-friendly (assuming you are vaguely familiar with other cameras), and the touch-screen is enough to keep you preoccupied for hours. The camera comes with a stylus that can attach to the wrist strap in case you don't want anyone's greasy fingers getting all over your screen, and the video camera records audio too. Along with it's (now) 5x zoom, the digital zoom is also surprisingly clear, and the resolution lag is near non-existent. Along with the facial highlight feature that helps provide a well-centered photo, the camera is very comprehensive.

So the camera is perfect, right? Well just before we get to happily ever after, there are some concerns that any practical digital camera consumer should keep in mind before making such a hefty purchase.

The CON'S:

Although the camera is flip-sreen it's notorious for taking it's time, which can range from a brief moment to a few seconds. Sensitivity is also iffy, randomly changing the view itself on occasion, or refusing to change at all. The various options are simple enough to navigate through, but it is easy to get lost in all the different screens required to perform various tasks. Although I'm not an advocate for the usual track wheel design with other digital cameras, you'll want to keep your owner's manual handy for this one. The touch screen can also get a little moody on you. More often than not it will function without reservation, but on occasion it will confuse which direction you're navigating or glitch while transitioning from photo to photo. Probably the MOST CONCERNING down-side to the camera is the grain-ee view you get on the camera screen. Especially considering its retail price, one would anticipate a crystal clear shot of whatever your looking at, but the screen gives an unfortunate grain-like haze over everything you view pre-photo.

Concluding opinion:

If you're looking for a fun camera with a few options to dazzle your friends, then this is the camera for you. It's fun & it's entertaining, but in the realm of a cool toy you may be better off getting yourself an ipod touch or iphone. If you are one that is serious about performance from your digital camera, you may disappointed, but this is a reasonable compromise between practical application and flashy options. But be warned, the hefty price is mostly for the cool features.
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Nikon Coolpix S60

I am a pushover for a new toy and I HAD to have a touchscreen camera! I tried several out in my nearby electronics store and decided that the one I wanted had to have a push button to take the picture. I also wanted the auto focus assist illuminator and the 5X optical zoom. I would have preferred to have the telephoto adjustment be manual rather than by touch. This camera had more of the features than any of the others in my price range. I love the large LCD screen but have had trouble getting it to move between pictures by sliding my finger. The flip feature is kind of useless because the rotated picture is so small. The preview of the picture on the screen is grainy but when downloaded is very sharp. In the sunlight, the screen is difficult to see, but my other digitals are also that way. I haven't tried using the stylus as yet but understand the camera will save the original and the edited picture. The menus are easy to move between and there is a question mark you can touch if you need an explanation of any of the icons. So far, I am very pleased with this camera. The finish is beautiful and it is small enough to carry with me at all times. It is easy and fun to work with, even for a novice. I did put a screen protector on the camera and suggest you do the same to protect the LCD from scratches.Read full review...


AWESOME digital camera

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix S60 6 days ago. Today i got it from the postal office...Well i gotta tell u it's's like a mini TV.. the only thing is that it isn't a phone ;) It's absolutely magnifficent...the deisgn;the big touchscreen on the back (yeah it's got a touchscreen on the sry... THE WHOLE BACK is a touchscreen :O ) i wanted a professional stylish digital camera and i wanted it's brand to literary mean: style;fantastic design;slim;and a whole bunch of cool and innovative features...and i remembered one day "Jurassic park" and than... i remembered that the characters had i though that Nikon is THE brand that will cover all those feauteres and requirements tah i have :)))) And i gotta tell u i made a great choice !!! The ONLY "-" (minus) is that it's not waterresistant i mean u can't shoot underwater... it's sad,but it's nothing infront of every brilliant/smart/hi-tech/fantastic feature that this NIKON digital camera can provide u with ;)
Nikon rulz !!!!
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Great Travel Camera

I have had many cameras over the years, some with better specs than this one but none as much fun. the write on pictures ability is great as well as the finger navigation.
Don't get this camera if you want top notch images. Get this camera if you need
a pocket friendly, easy to use and fun camera.
the HDMI output is a plus.

P.S: make sure you get a second battery, the screen is a battery killer and you will definitely find yourself using that screen a lot!
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BRAND NEW Nikon Coolpix Maroon S60 Digital Camera

I love this camera!!!! It is very easy to use and has so many different options. I didn’t even read the whole manual and was able to figure out how to use everything. I find new things about this camera every time I use it, it’s amazing!!! One of my favorite things that this camera does is how it asks you if someone blinked when taking a picture and I also like how you can add your own special touch to each picture. You can write or draw anything that you want on each picture. I would highly recommend buying this camera for yourself or for a friend or family member. It comes in so many different colors that you will be able to find one that fits anyone’s personality or style. I have the maroon one and I love it!!! This is by far the best camera that I have ever had. The price isn’t too bad and you can probably find a brand new one on eBay right now with free shipping.
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Excellent Camera!

The Nikon Coolpix S60 ended up being much better than I expected. The camera takes great looking images, especially with the 5x zoom. Most other cameras along this line only have 3x optical zoom. The touch screen also works great, zero issues here. The camera is very easy to use and move throughout the different menus.

The only dislike I could possible say about this camera is the quality of taken pictures on the LCD. They are very grainy and some even appear to be blurry when they are not once the are viewed on a computer.

Overall I am very happy with the camera and will look back into Nikon next time I need a camera!
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Nikon s60 camera

This is a very good camera. It takes excellent photos, very compact and lightweight. I have owned 3 of them and each time I wind up giving one to my kids and buying another one. They love the simplicity of operation and features. also the large viewing screen makes it affordability in its use. I have to keep an eye on it whenever I go places; people ask me what kind is it and I dare not leave it laying around even for an instant. I had to add a belt clip to it to keep it securely in my pocket when not in use or its case. I even took it to France recently and on a damp and windy rainy day it performed flawlessly. I was worried about it getting wet and did my best to keep rain off of it yet it still worked great! Very nice camera for the price and i think Nikon has a winner. Mr DolisonRead full review...


fantastic purchase

great camera, easy to use and very reasonably priced compared to the big box store prices. camera was shipped immediately and securely packaged.


Great and cheap camera

The touch screen is a very nice feature to the sleek style of the camera. The zoom is great, software is exactly what you need to take ordinary pictures. The only downside of this camera is that when you take a picture in a somewhat dark place without a bright light or the flash it is somewhat difficult to get a decent picture but, that is what is camera flash is for. This issue does not affect as much my rating because overall it is a great high-quality and a cheap camera.Read full review...

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