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i have total confidence when standing over a putt to win a tournie.

I switched from a Corza Ghost to this putter. I was having problems with the 5ft and in putts but not anymore. It is easy to line up and great for distance control. I love the slant neck this 3/4 offset and zing styled head. Has great weighting and instills confidence. I average 29 putts a round and have had a personal best of 25 putts since purchasing this Method Core 2I. Nike has done a wonderful job! Hope you all have the same fortune I did.Read full review...


different feel, but good

this putter has a way different feel than any other putter i have used. i think when i get used to it that it will be a great putter. just need some more time with it, just like every other putter in the world that you buy. i will say it def seemed as though it went a lot further with the same stroke i would use with my old putter. i kept switching back and forth and dang near every time this putter went a further. guess that whole forward role technology they put into it works like it says its going toRead full review...



Great experience. I would order from this vendor again. The product was mailed on time and prompt. I would recommend to a friend.


Good Putter

This is an excellent putter, I have used it several times already and the feel of it is much better than any other putter i have tried


This putter is as advertised both on the TV commercials and from experience

This putter is solid just finished my first 18 with it. I was looking for a little heavier putter than I had and this on hit the spot. As the commercial states it hits smooth with no bounce.


just what I was looking for

great putter

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