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Not worth the Money Not Really an FTA Receiver

This the worst receiver for those who are looking for a true FTA,One Major option missing with this is Blind Scan, You have to Search for TP's Online and Enter them Manually which makes harder to find new channels, another thing is if you have a motorized system hooked up, this receiver doesn't make it easy for you to move the motor you have to really know what your doing, I've owned other boxes that are a lot easier to operate and operate correctly and much cheaper unlike this one. It Cost too much I don't know for what but defiantly over priced compare to other ones that do a better job then this. The kind good this one has that it's an HD and you can hook up the over the air antenna and get most of HD channels crystal clear. I hated it in the beginning but I've gotten used to so far ( I had too I paid too much :) ). I think this receiver was made only for piracy and not for it's original purpose (FTA).Read full review...


Awesome Unit, And Works Magnificent On The Private Servers That I Offer

The Nfusion HD Reciever is the best Reciever, For Quality, And For The Functions The Reciever Has. This Reiever Does Run On Private Servers Only, Which I Have, And Offer Private Servers To Others. This Unit Will Record Direct To Flash Drive, Or To External Hard Drive, Or Direct To Your Computer IP.
I Only Purchace Nfusion For Resell Purposes, And Give Back To The People The Best Reciever, And The Oppertunity To Get On A Private Server Also, And Start Enjoing The Great Entertainment Of Watching Great TV Programming, And At The Best Price.
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Excellent Receiver..!

This reciever is very good. Tt has a picture excellent. I bought is product, because is very easy to use it. you can set up easilier and its price no expensive. If I have to buy other receiver, I would buy it again...Read full review...


Hd Nfusion great deal

The picture quailty is great some features are hard to move around but for the most part it seems to be a real quality recieve


no quiere enviar el articulo

el vendedor cancelo la venta por no enviar a puerto rico no se por que razon quiere cobrar el articulo si no lo quiere enviar



too much money!!! look around, you can find a dreamlink t5 way cheaper than that, with half the problems!!! JMO


If you like the picture this receiver is the good one

The receiver picture is clear but it is kind a hot even I turn it off from the remote control. The hassle about this receiver is, I have to turn the switch off from the back of the receiver to keep it from over heat.Read full review...


Great Product

This receiver works great. For me it is a great product. I bought it a month ago and It has been working great!!



I buy a nfusion hd receiver a month ago and never the close caption function, what i can do? than you.

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