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really good router.

the netgear n300 router is very good quality, it is really easy to hook up following the easy step by step instruction guide, it works very good, all in all a very good product.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: shooliej


Good quality, bargain price

Easy setup, good range and speed. Can't ask for more!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: syngabridelro


Great deal on good router

Works fine at a great price. Save $10 rental by cable company.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: us_auctions4u


perfect product for the money. would recommend to anyone of all pc skill.

Excellent wireless router for the money. Worked perfectly out of the box, easy to use controls, and realibilty. Can be used as a simple router, and a wireless router with lots of control.


Basic router, basic price.

Setup does not require a CD. Basic router at a basic price. The manual can be found online. While everyone hates setting up a router, I bought this one to use while visiting relatives. I hooked the cable up to my laptop and it automatically set the security key and was good to go for wireless.

Doesn't have all the features of more expensive models but most people don't use those anyway. Does support the newer bands. Internal antennae. No external as in other routers. Not sure how far the range is but for anywhere around the house, works fine.

If you buy this, I suggest downloading the PDF manual why you're waiting for it to arrive. But, within a couple of minutes it was set up. Not sure if it will support a home network or just connect wirelessly.
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perfect for my need

This router is exactly what I needed for our home internet system. great price and fast service. I bought this router because it had to be compatible with Century Link and support vdsl2. It works great and I no longer have to rent Century Links router.Read full review...


Great router, easy set-up. Recommended.

I had always stuck to Linksys for my wireless router needs, but I found this NetGear on sale and the price was a steal. I had never used Netgear before so I was kind of worried that it wouldn't be as easy to set up as my Linksys routers were.

This NetGear WNR2000 was very easy to set up. Pretty much plug and play. The range on the wireless is very good as well. I heard that this router can also be flashed with a third party program like DD-WRT. All in all, this router was exceptionally great for its price. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!
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Good product, competitively priced

This is a great little 'off the shelf' router. It uses the similar interface that prior Netgear products used, along with some great additional features.

Wireless Guest Network
Network Isolation
MAC Filtering and so on.
Easy to use and configure after spending a couple of minutes in the menus. It's really great that the networking terms used have an explanation on the pages for reference.

My experience with WPS is minimal and that process seemed cumbersome - may have been my wireless network printer...

Am happy with the product thus far.
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Good for the low end of wireless...

My remote bridge crapped out and I replaced it with the same type in kind. The ultimate decision came down to price. I only paid like 15 dollars for this one used. Now my remote bridge at the far end of my property is back up.Read full review...


GREAT product, easy to setup, works as advertised!

Simple, easy to setup, effective range for my large, victorian house. Has a "techie" look to it...as soon as I connected it to the internet and accessed it via the Firefox web browser, it connected to NetGear, found an update, and asked me if it could update itself. NICE feature...the "press to connect" works with my Nintendo Wii, Samsung Blu-Ray, 4-5 different notebook/wireless desktop cards...all around GREAT deal. It also has a 150-Mb/300-Mb option...150-Mb is "neighbourhood friendly" and is supposed to play better with competing wireless routers. I set it to 300-Mb and have had no issues.Read full review...

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