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Good graphics85% agree

Compelling gameplay83% agree

Good value85% agree


tuner love

im a import street tuner racing fan so this is one of the best racing games to me of all time yet one of the tops best :)

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Thanks for the game

Thank you

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great game

played it back in 2007, liked it ever since, too bad servers are turned off

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Need For Speed is the best racing game out there!

EA's Need for Speed series has long been an ever-evolving franchise, one that changes up its focus, mechanics and style every couple of years. Though the game sells incredibly well, the developer/publisher doesn't like to sit still. This obviously means that the series has had its ups and downs, and unfortunately Need for Speed ProStreet isn't one of the ups.

ProStreet is a game that doesn't really seem to know what it's trying to be. It's been years since we've seen a Need for Speed title that focused solely on track racing, with the franchise branching out into open world settings with a story, cop chases and all sorts of other things to make it stand out. ProStreet, however, goes back to the track-based racing, putting the player into race after race on closed circuits, and then sending them back to a menu after each race is over.

This setup is perfectly fine and, in this case, does work well to some extent, but there's not really a whole lot of extra "stuff" outside of the races that makes it seem like Black Box had a good idea of exactly what it was trying to accomplish. Yes, the fundamentals are there and the setup does work well, but the bulk of the presentation doesn't feel all that robust, especially when compared to what we've seen in recent years.
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Works Good

This game is cool for an older game. The game has some cool drag racing and drifting. Lots of fun. So far I think all the need for speed games are worth buying. PS3 games are a real
good chose as PS4 does not have enough games as of yet.Read full review...


Decent game

Need for Speed Prostreet is a very different game as far as the Need for Speed titles go, so much so that it may not even merit the title. The game itself is much more challenging than your average racer because of the controls and more realistic scenarios, wherein you have to pay for repairs to your car or risk disabling it. Every bump counts towards your vehicles damage, and so you have to be cautious of turns and air time; unlike other Need for Speed games you can't simply drift a turn and use walls as cushions.
The controls are very different from most other racing games, and it is the first one I have come across that requires clutching for a manual transmission. It is almost necessary to jamb four or five buttons in quick succession in order to take sharp turns.
Further, the basis behind the game is quite different from the Need for Speed title. There are no more police to run from and all racing is done on a race track, which is a bit of a joykill.

I would recommend this game to anyone that likes circuit and drag racing. Don't buy it simply on the fact that it carries the NFS title because it is nothing similar to the popular game series that you love.
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Good game, but very buggy!

I love the fact you can really customize your cars in this game and the effects are noticable to a degree. It seams as the cars get faster and you have more power, it is nearly impossible to tune them to be tame enough to handle most courses. That said I LOVE the damage mode and the effects it has on your car for racing. Also its fun on occasion to completely demolish the car and have it totalled, but annyoing at times.
DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT Update the game. Just play it as is and ignore all the updates. The update is buggy, takes away one of the cheat codes, and ulitmatley will stop you from completing the game, since you get to a point where it just keeps crashing. Then you will have to start all over, and delete the update.

How do I know? Cause I did it. It sucked.

So dont update, and play until GT5 finally gets released. Where the hell are you polyphony or whomever makes GT5. I have been waiting nearly 5 years for this damn game. WTF!
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you need, need for speed, wow,,what a game

im usually a madden head, bought need for speed for 22 bucks to try it, and I love it, great tracks, good control and accurate damage scale, so when you crash , you actually weaken the car, i play it with the logitech gt steering wheel and i love it, it is awesome,, however, they need to make a reverse button, because if you crash at a certain angle, you can t get out and back on the roadRead full review...


Best Need for Speed game in the series!

I have played many games throughout the Need for Speed series but this is by far the best design style game that they have released!


Another fun NFS Racing game...

This is another great racing game in the Need For Speed series. What I really love about this game is the ability to choose your assist level. If you're just starting out as a racer you can get a lot of assistance and rip around the track with ease, then when you decide to increase the challenge you simply use less assistance. The graphics and sound are also pretty darn good for a 2007 game and it's definitely worth picking up at a decent price.Read full review...

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